Wednesday, February 22, 2017

bullet journal 2017 layouts, take two.

Here are a few more photos of my recent bullet journal layouts. 

Birthday Log

Here I did a colorful circle type chart. This is to remember the months of birthdays for my friends and family. I didn't add dates, although it would be highly beneficial, maybe next year!

Quote Page

Here is a page I did one day after work. I had a frustrating day at the office and a friend told me this quote. I thought it was funny and relatable so I decided to get out all of my negative energy and make this page. It is helpful to read over and allowed me to get over my frustrations.

Books I've Read

This is a spread for books I will be reading in 2017. I didn't think I would use a page with book suggestions, as I read on my kindle and use my Amazon wishlist for future reads. This was a template I found online. There are many ideas on Pinterest but for this template, search 'books to read bullet journal template' - it should pop up.

Gift Ideas

Throughout the year I will see different items that I think would be perfect as gifts. I would think 'oh, I need to remember this' or put a random note in my phone. This layout allows me to jot down gift ideas for friends and family, later in the year, I know where to go to get some gift inspiration.

Exercise Log

This is a layout that is very popular. I definitely find it beneficial and get excited when I know I get to color in a square on my chart. It is a good way to stay accountable to exercise. A quote I love and wrote on this page - 'the time will pass anyways'. It is good motivation!

Disneyland Ride Log

This layout won't be for everyone. I am going to Disneyland in May for the Tinkerbell 10k. I love the Disneyland parks and can't wait for the trip! I love to write down what rides I went on to see how much I did in a day, plus it is fun for me to look back on after the trip is done. It really helps me to relive the memories. 

DIY Ideas

This is a brain dump page for DIY ideas. I love pinning DIYs on Pinterest but sometimes the ideas can get lost. This is a page for projects that I am going to take on in the near future. Currently I have decided to take some pieces in my wardrobe to get embroidered - up-cycle them!

USA Travel Tracker

I think this is a fun page, I printed a map of the United States and traced it (to the best of my ability). I have colored the states that I have visited. It is a fun visual travel page. By the looks of things, I've got a lot of traveling to do!

I have been loving my bullet journal since I started a month ago. It has been a fun way to keep track of thoughts, plans ,etc. Also, I should note, the pen I have been loving is the Sharpie pen in black ink. It states 'no bleeding', which is true for the most part. You can always see a little definition from the prior page but it isn't nearly as bad as most pens I have tried in the past.

What is a bullet journal layout you are loving currently?


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