Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Planner 2015-2016 Review

Hey there! Today I am featuring my latest planner obsession! I had originally ordered the Erin Condren  life planner for 2015-2016 but since it was delayed by over 2 months (gold foil process took longer than expected), I ended up cancelling my order. 

In the mean time, I ordered this planner (the Happy Planner) from Me and My Big Ideas website. Shipping was $27 internationally which isn't cheap but was comparable to Erin Condren. In addition the planner was cheaper ($24.99) and it had a tonne of cute stickers and accessories (most of which were $4.99 each). 

Above are some of the sticker books I purchased. Each book has 6 pages! Each book was $4.99.

I ordered two planners one for myself and one for my sister. Each planner was $24.99.

Monthly spread - nice colourful layout. 

The weekly spread is set up in a vertical layout, which is my favourite! As well it has an amazing colour scheme/theme. 

Cute monthly tabs accompanied by a monthly summary page. 

-Disk bound
-You can remove/add pages
-Beautiful theme/color scheme
-4 different planners (all with a unique theme)
-Paper quality

-Tabs for the first batch were not laminated. MAMBI has since started laminating the tabs
-Not extremely durable if you are taking your planner on the go (works great for me as I leave mine in my office)

All in all, I really don't have anything negative to say about the planner. At first I though the disks looked a little childish, but i have since come to really love their purpose. They allow the pages to turn so smoothly and you can flip the planner completely in half, if you wanted to. For my needs, it works great! I love the style and functionality! I can't wait to see what changes and new designs they come up with for next year. 


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