Thursday, November 22, 2012

smash book vs. creative chaos books.

So, apparently I am behind in school work, blogging and pretty much everything else at this point. I am never late, but somehow this year I have fallen behind. I'm going to blame scrapbooking for part of that. All I seem to do is find new things to stick in my Smash book! It is a great way to save mementos and store photos, etc in a somewhat chaotic somewhat stylish way. So when I went to Micheals on my weekly visit I was excited to see another version. Recollections had come out with a Creative Chaos line. Basically a Smash Book idea. So I will now list the things I like about it and the things that I don't!

Creative Chaos Features: -Smaller & Wider (shown below)
-A lot of plain floral pages (this could have just been the version I bought but it was pretty yet basic)
-Colored cover and inside of cover
-It has binder rings, where you can add more pages if you want

 Likes: -Pretty pages
-Colored cover and inside cover

Dislikes: -thickness, its way to short and thick in the binding
-Pages are pretty, but also pretty boring
-It is basic but it is not unique like a Smash book, it is too scrapbook like

So my verdict after studying both is that the Smash book is nicer. I may be biased slightly, however I find the pages are more fun, they have writing and can spark your imagination as to what should be on that page. As well I like that you can't add more pages, the amount it has is great. The smash book has it's pen/glue stick on the side of the book for easy access and adding items on the go.
*Note: This is the Red Smash book, the 'Doodle Style', the Recollections is the 'Sweet Blossoms' version.

So there you have it! In case you were trying oh so hard to decide which to buy!