Thursday, December 30, 2010

my favorite 2010 hairstyle.. no surprise!

Well I'm sure if you asked my favorite hairstyle during the summer I might had said the long beachy waves with some added braids. Actually I know I would have said that. But as of the recent chop, I have come to love this hairstyle. It just seems so easy. So far my hair has been easy enough. I have to straighten it more often than I did but other than that it's ok, it's a change!
The one thing I do like about all these styles is they are similar in a lot of ways, long bob type mixed with some curls.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas reading!

So a few days ago I finished the first book of the break! Yay, finally an easy read compared to stupid school textbooks which are NOT fun [for the most part]. So when I heard that Hilary Duff was coming out with a book immediately I thought of Lauren Conrad and her painful serious L.A.Candy which I could never finish. Now I like an easy, fun, partying/gossiping filled book just as much as the next girl but after a chapter or so into Conrad's book I just had to stop. Not only was it identical to The Hills, it just wasn't entertaining.
So back to this book; I went and thought I would give it a try and wow! I couldn't believe Hil Duff wrote this. It's called Elixir [shown above] and is a cross between Gossip Girl & LOST. Weird combo- I know, and I have never been one to read sci-fi books but this had just enough of every element. So I definitely give her props on a creative and intellectual version of the classic girly books that are out there!


Monday, December 27, 2010

spoiled rotten.

Christmas has come and gone! I can't believe it! It went much faster than other years [I think] but maybe that's just because I'm getting older. I got a lot of gifts this year, I didn't need anything so everything I got was super nice and fun!
Above I have [Left - Right] The Office Digital Shorts, Fold-up flats! [They are so cute, they fold into a small silver bag for when you go out in heels and your feet end up hurting super bad], Coach Pencil/make-up case, Humanity for All bracelet, Coach coin purse, Coach cross body bag [I also got a matching camera case, not shown], Olden vintage frame cork board, PINK hoodie and lotion.
I also got a camera that I took these pictures with! 

Hope your holiday's were [and still are] merry!


Friday, December 24, 2010


Short short short!
It's ALL gone! I'm not too sure how I feel about this yet. She cut it a little shorter than I wanted but I mean, I get my hair cut very little so it will be nice for a change. Anyhow, I'm just heading out to a turkey dinner at the grandparents house.. yummy!
Hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

coming soon: the chop

Surprise is right! I guess you will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow to this lovely mane of hair!
[Hint: It’s been lengthy for such a long time, and it is getting kind of annoying.]


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ready Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner! YAY! Although I love and I mean LOVE to go out Christmas shopping and find presents for my friends and family, I can honestly say right now I am so sick of the mall [and shopping in general]. I have done tones of shopping, including my own, and then helping my mom and dad, my siblings and grandparents [I'm kind of the go-to shopper]. I am very proud of the gifts that I got this year; I stayed within my budget and found things that suit everyone! I want to tell you about everything but I guess it will just have to wait till after Christmas [in case there is any of the fam reading this].
So last night [and today] I finished wrapping all the presents! [Around 20]. Now I can say I am ready for Christmas - and just in the nick of time!


Monday, December 20, 2010


So this weekend past was a blur! I was in 'The Nutcracker' ballet! So I was at rehearsal Friday night, Saturday morning [bright and early I may add], then opening night was Saturday night! We then had 3 shows, evening Saturday, matinee and evening Sunday. So basically I lived at the theatre this weekend and LOVED it. I was raised on stage so there is just something to be said about returning to a performance, especially something as extravagant as The Nutcracker [or as my mom calls it 'cracker of the nuts' - yes she's pretty funny]. So for show night, since I was the role of Clara's mom, I got all dolled up! [Shown above]


So since everyone liked my other post on my braids, I decided to put a few pictures in here of my hair for the show. It was a little fancier than what I would normally do, but if I wore a simple dress I would probably do something of this sort out to a Christmas party or what not.
I braided the one side, then pinned some of my curls from the right side [my right.. I had to think about that] and let the rest all fall to one side.
Easy Cheesy!
Also that was my be-a-utiful dress! And here is my cute story for the day: I was waiting for my mom during intermission so she could take a few pictures [seen above]. While I was there [in the backstage ish area] two little girls and their parents walked up, then their dad said "the girls spotted you from the main waiting area, they have never seen a real princess before!" It was SO cute! They honestly thought I was a princess. So I went along with it. They were so happy. So I figure, I might apply to Disneyland, dress up as Belle or something. Dream job.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


I do, I love this store. If I had to get rid of my wardrobe now and had to replace it all from one store this would be it! I love there variety from military inspired to Grecian dress to boyfriend cardigans. They have it all. Also one of my favourite style icons Olivia Palermo said that Topshop was one of her favourite shopping destinations too! [Above was me, super excited, like normal, at the topshop in SoHo when I was in NYC]
So today when my invitation arrived to a formal Christmas party I was overjoyed and of course the first thing I thought of is 'What to wear?!'.. So after snooping online I found my inspiration at Below are the 6 dresses that I think would work perfectly!

Even though they are all beautiful the bottom centre one is my favourite. After all that I went digging through my closet to see what I could find. Sure enough I pulled out a dress from H&M very similar to the one I loved in a nude color, I was saving it for my brothers graduation but I figured if the occasion fits, I might as well wear it! [Paired with some black tights of course!]


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Empire State of Mind

So this was me on my way to the 86th floor observation deck. So exciting! But I could talk about my love for NYC for days, so back to the good stuff.
Anyways, I am almost this happy right now. Finals are FINISHED! Now I know some of you have way more than 3 finals [and truth be told I lucked out!] but with some of my classes they opted for a final group project instead of a final so it was a nice balance to the end of the semester.
So tonight after ballet practise I rushed to write my last final, and perhaps I rushed a little through that too, because I don't know about you, [and this isn't probably a good tactic] when I'm stuck I figure oh well, right now I am an a,b,c or d away from my Christmas break!! Choose C and boom on to the next question. So I guess we'll see, some marks are already back and looking better than expected! So cross my fingers everything goes well for the rest of them, hopefully uni likes them enough to let my transfer too!
Goodnight All!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

meet my dream school - Royal Holloway

The Royal Holloway University of London is my dream school! It's in Egham, Surrey, England. I have always wanted to go to England, but since I started college two years ago [approx 1.5] I have also wanted to travel. I'm not a huge tropical person, although I love the places I've been and want to go back to say Mexico for the heat and beaches. Tropics just isn't my first choice when it comes to travelling.
Then I figured, well why can't I go to school and travel. Study Abroad! So I went to the U of A website and thats where I fell in love. Pretty much the campus and architecture sold me, I'm not going to lie. But I also found this list of the ten reasons why to choose Royal Holloway.
  1. A University of London degree leads to top career opportunities
  2. Ranked among the top, research-led universities in the UK
  3. Academic staff working at the frontiers of their subjects
  4. A vibrant community of students from over 130 countries
  5. A beautiful 135 acre campus with state-of-the-art study facilities
  6. A friendly and supportive environment with high quality student accommodation
  7. Easy access to London but a relaxed – and more affordable – location
  8. A thriving cultural scene with a very active Students’ Union
  9. Among the University of London’s best sporting colleges
  10. A broad portfolio of bursaries and scholarships

SOLD. 2012. Me + England = Royal Holloway [I can only pray]


Monday, December 13, 2010


So I figured that with the holiday season here, Christmas parties to attend, I had to spice up the hair. Now I love braids and I wear them all the time but I figured that adding two on the one side [one on the other though I didn't post a picture] it adds a cute wispy feel. It was super simple to do: First I divided my hair into the sections for the three braids, tying the rest of my hair back. Braided the three braids. Took the rest of my hair [not including braids] and pulled it into a low[ish] messy bun. Then I wrapped the braids each around the bun and secured them with bobby pins and TA DA! A cute hairdo!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

nancy drew - how could I forget!?

So here is that last half of my list of likes!  Also after sitting here for a little I realized I forgot two super important things!

Grecian accessories/dresses/hairstyles – I have always loved flowy tops, mixed with curly up dos and braids. LOTS of braids. Its just fun and girly but still subtle.
My 136543174354 scarves – Ok so maybe i don’t have that many, but i have quite a few. They are just so easy! They can add so much to an outfit!
My job – It is GREAT! I am a receptionist for a car dealership. It may sound that for a 20 year old girl this would be out of character and honestly i don’t know a thing about cars. But the employees here and my boss are just wonderful! It makes coming to work super fun. [Also they let me do my homework once I’m done all my work work, so super huge thanks there!]
Wal-mart – inexpensive. That is the biggest thing, as a college student, its cheap! And seriously for all you doubters who say you would next shop in a wal-mart, seriously they are great. Groceries, books, make-up, shampoo, fabric, pillows, movies, cameras. They have EVERYTHING.
The CW –aka Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, etc – i love all the shows for mainly two reasons a) Fashion, [Mainly Gossip Girl and 90210. In that order] b) the story line. They are fun ok! Especially when you’re a full time college student working 5 days a week. Sometimes you can’t always live out the Serena Van Der Woodsen activities you would like to.
England [never been but I still love it] – yup, never been. It’s obviously not the first choice on the vacation list of places to go, but I love the fashion and the culture. It just seems so posh and well put together. I'm hoping to transfer there in my 4th year of uni, So I guess we’ll see!
Steve Carell [Every movie he has made] – So funny. No, not funny, HILARIOUS! After watching him in the office I just fell in love with him, he is so funny and is such a great actor. My personal favourites [if you should happen to need a movie filled with stupid humour..]Dinner for Schumucks, Get Smart and Date Night.
The Office [with Steve Carell and Rain Wilson, LOVE LOVE LOVE] – Ah yes! The office. Like I mentioned above,it has Steve Carell, super hilarious. Seeing as I work in an office it seems even funnier when I see some of the things that go on. Again just pointless, yet amusing humour.
Waffles and crêpes [mmm crêpes] – with whip cream and strawberries. Come on, you know you like them too. You have to! No matter what’s on them they are just so tasty! My nana [grandma] used to make crêpes for breakfast when I was little and I remember sitting down and eating as many as I could it was like dessert for breakfast!
Mario Party – I don’t really like video games. I'm a girl, it’s to be expected but I was raised on Mario Party! Back in the days of N64, [I was always Princess Peach] I would gather up the siblings and play some good old Mario Party, since I was the oldest I would always win. Even now, it’s just a great game!
Fashion – I don’t think I can even describe this in a few words, nor a few posts. I'm sure you’ll see, I just love fashion.
Cosmo UK – Way better than US Cosmo. I seem to find they have more photo shoots and matching articles on what the main trends are and how to achieve them. Also since European fashion is ahead of ours I love to see things that are trendier in my eyes or things that I like to wear, vs US/Canada, if that makes any sense!
Also my pretty little obsession: Pretty Little Liars – AHH yes, after watching the previews back before it came out I really didn't want to like this show. I didn't! But loving mysteries and fashion, this show combined Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives [in my eyes] and created something that I surprisingly cannot get enough of [thank Heaven it’s coming back in January!]
Ok so first forgotten item: Dance - It's always been a part of my life so I guess I was just so used to it to I forgot to even mention it. I've danced since I was 2! I took tap till I was 18 but because of college and work I had to quit a year ago, however that hasn't stopped me from dancing. I ended up taking modern dance as a class that counts towards my business [pre-law] degree! Who knew? As well I'm in the Nutcracker ballet at my college this year, being put on by the conservatory of ballet.

Second super SUPER important item [which may or may not make me seem like a dork] - Nancy Drew. Oh my goodness, Nancy Drew, she was just the greatest growing up between her books and her interactive games for the computer I just couldn't get enough. Teenage detective [my dream!].


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa.. PINK Please!

Yesterday I went to the mall with my dad, grandma, brother and sister. We decided to hit up the new mall just outside of Calgary, called Cross Iron Mills. It's a outlet mall so it was bound to have a lot of good deals!
Since I finished my Christmas shopping two weeks [or so] ago I went along mainly to help my grandma pick out presents for my family. It's great, we get to hang out and she gets my eye for cheap deals, as well she doesn't have to worry about if the fam will like it or not [because I have a gift for finding amazing presents].
A new store that was recently added was 'PINK' by Victoria Secret. So of course I go in - instantly my sister and I are in dorm wear Heaven. I could honestly own every single item in that store. I love it!
So I decided to put together a few of my favorites that I found [and maybe purchased].
Actually I only bought the slippers because it's too close to Christmas. They are almost knee-high and actually stay up, unlike so many other ones I've seen before so I caved [given it was the only thing I bought for myself].
LOVE LOVE. Now I'm just hoping Santa happens to find this post and perhaps pick me out a few items :)
PS. We managed to buy something for everyone on my grandmas list! It was a very successful trip!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

study. study. study.

Alas, classes are finally DONE!
However my work is far from done. Exams. Yay! Super fun. Only three exams this year, better than five last. First one? Accounting [textbook shown - yuck], it is by far the worst class I have this term. It's just not fun. You do nothing and I cannot find it in myself to even somewhat like it.

Anyways, I have put studying aside to enjoy the one hour episode of 'The Office' tonight! YAY! Now I'm super happy. What's better than that? It's the Christmas special. Also my dad just sat down to enjoy it with me, a year ago he said he hated this show and now I have him loving it. Mission: Complete.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

growing up so fast!

Happy 1st Birthday little one!
She's no longer a baby and I try to tell her that means no more eating socks, barking at everything and trying to play at midnight, but somehow I have a feeling she's not going to listen.
Also I got her an edible card made for dogs. Where at? WAL-MART! Duh! They have everything and I mean everything!  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so apparently i'm a nerd

So the other day I told you a bit of what I like but I suppose I failed to mention why I like those things or maybe elaborate a bit more. Here is the first half of my list..
Taylor swift - First of all, I love country music. Although it’s not my favourite style of music I do love it, and plus living in Alberta it’s hard to not.. [ie Calgary Stampede]
Reading - Not for school, there is nothing than I hate more than boring myself into reading Accounting or Psychology 24/7.. I like the material I do [except for accounting] but trying to read from a textbook just isn’t the same. So when I'm not in school [or not super busy during the semester] I try to have a book on the go! The last one I read was Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher which was really good, kind of sad but a real eye opening book.
Pretty frost, with sparkling snow – again, Alberta. It snows a lot and you never know when, so I try to look at it as a good thing, it’s pretty right?
My puppy – Chihuahua cross Yorkie. 3 Pounds. Super cute. Also [as you can see above] my sister bought her a Reindeer costume. Now you think she's adorable, don't you?
Necklaces – Mainly long, sometime statement pieces, I love them all. They add such an easy fix to any drab outfit.
Plaid – I also love plaid. It’s great to dress up with a blazer and heals or down with some boyfriend jeans and flats. It’s just fun [fav color right now – red and green! How did you guess!]
Christmas  - LOVE. Snow, time with family, lots of good food, good laughs, and did I mention NO SCHOOL!
Toaster strudels – delicious [mixed berry my fav]. With icing for breakfast – hard to beat.
Stationary – it’s just fun. It’s been not so much a hobby but an obsession, I love to be organized so that’s where the fun pencils, binders and paper originated from.
Grey’s Anatomy – AHH! All I can say, this is my all time favourite show! My mom is a nurse so I’ve always heard stories about the ER and been behind the scenes so I just love the show.
Iced Tea – I can’t stand carbonation in pop. It just tickles my throat and ruins a drink [I feel] so I’ve always enjoyed iced tea [sweetened] as an alternative.
New York, [I Love You] – I recently went to New York [back in June] with two of my friends and fell in love!

Also, fun fact: At work we have satellite radio. So instead of the guys listening to the ‘80’s on 8’ I decided to go and change it the ‘The Holly 23’ – A Christmas station. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be. So here comes the fun fact, i was literally just sitting here when I decided to really listen to the song playing vs background music.. What was it you ask? A dog barking the tune of Jingle Bells. WHAT?! I know, I’m surprised and a little confused but either way, Christmas is coming!

Monday, December 6, 2010

pretty christmas party..

Christmas is upon us and so I put together an outfit that I would totally love to wear to a cute cocktail party or mixer. Up here the weather is super cold so shorts were out of the question but after I paired them with tights, it's a warmer version of cute alternative.
It's cute and affordable [minus the Coach shoes, but a) they are on sale and b) a girl can dream can't she!]. I love the statement necklaces but I'm more of a bubbly clear plastic type vs the fake chunky diamond type but this necklace was def an exception. Another holiday staple for me was sequins! I love them! They are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. They dress up the plaid shirt and cardigan.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

deal of the day!

This shirt I found with my sister today at Old Navy. I love the color [white with navy stripes]. Its so versatile and can be paired with some boots for school or a high waisted skirt for work. I'm sure I will have pictures soon of outfits involving it!
OH! And the best part – its price! It was originally $17.50 but my sister and I got it on sale for $3.50! Crazy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hi, I'm Brooklyn..

Oh and also I have a little dog [shown above], her name is Miley. Not that I'm a huge Miley Cyrus fan but simply because my two brothers would not agree on a girl’s name for our female dog. So since ‘spike’ and ‘buddy’ didn't work we agreed that since they feel Miley Cyrus is ‘hot’ we could name her Miley.
Now back to a brief bit about me, I live in Alberta, Canada. Yup Canada, and I'm sorry for those who think they will see the word ‘eh’ a lot in my posts, because you won’t.. I don’t think at least. I value the English language more than that!
So this is some of my likes, of course I couldn’t think of ALL of them, there’s just too many:
Taylor swift
Pretty frost, with sparkling snow
My puppy
Toaster strudels
Grey’s Anatomy
Iced Tea
New York, [I Love You]
Grecian accessories/dresses/hairstyles
My 136543174354 scarves
My job
The CW –aka Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, etc
England [never been but I still love it]
Steve Carell [Every movie he has made]
The Office [with Steve Carell and Rain Wilson, LOVE LOVE LOVE]
Waffles and crêpes [mmm crêpes]
Mario Party
Cosmo UK
Also my pretty little obsession: Pretty Little Liars
.. That's about all I can think of right now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

an awkward start?

So where to begin..
The awkward first post.. You know the post where someone goes to your blog and says oh, that’s all. That’s the first one? Well we all have to start somewhere, so yes, although it’s awkward this is the first post.
Now I feel it’s important to get to know each other a little (and by that I mean I suppose I should tell you about myself).
Why a blog? I always thought they were kind of weird, in an ‘I feel sorry for myself and I want the world to know about it’ Nexopia kind of way. That's because back in 2005 or whenever it was becoming popular I thought that was what a blog involved. As I’ve grown, some would say matured (and by some I mean few) I have found that a blog is kind of a comfort. A place to go to and check up on how other people in other places in the world cope and handle the same day to day issues we all face; who to date, trouble with school/work and above all what to wear!  So the best way I feel I can explain this is by a comparison, as musicians, such as Taylor Swift, write lyrics to express how they feel, I think a blog is a way to do that as well. It gets my voice out there in a less ear drum violating way (so I can’t sing..) and I'm hoping will make me feel just a little better about going through some 20-something issues with a little more peace of mind. Who knows, I may help someone along the way.. so here's a start.. as I continue through College, University and into the real world I hope that my experience or lack thereof will help some people out there enjoy their lives or even their day a little more.
So that's all for now, a little more than you had before.. Just as I get more and more used to this whole idea I will keep you updated with a better understand of who I am, what I believe and how I get to where I'm going.. or at least the journey that will get me there.