Thursday, November 20, 2014

home decor diy.

I have a few quick diy home decor items. Some supplies you will have lying around the house and others you can find at places such as the dollar store.

Painted pots:
This is such an easy diy, especially since the supplies are relatively cheap! What you will need is:
-clay pots (dollar store $1)
-paint (dollar store $3)
-paint brushes (dollar store $1)
-small plants (ikea $3/each)
-washi tape (target $1)

Clip board photo frame:
This speaks for itself. I got a bunch of prints from Winners for $6 (for 10) and chose one print. I then got a clip board at guessed it! Dollar store! It was $1.25. Put them together and there you have an easy and modern looking frame. 

Calendar Print:
The last diy is an easy idea especially as the new year starts (in a little over a month?!). I went to my local craft store and hit up the clearance frames. I got this one for $9. I went for a larger frame so it appears to be more extravagant (my own view). I then was looking for a picture when I decided to use an old calendar! I went through my Audrey Hepburn calendar and found a photo I liked. Cut it out to fit in the frame and gave it a new life. Easy and chic!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disneyland + Photoshoot.

So there is no secret that I love Disneyland. I am 24 and have (now) been 3 times. The last time I visited I was 14 years old and was excited to return 10 years later, alongside another HUGE Disney fan; my dad. It was an amazing trip for the two of us, we enjoyed every minute! Between the food, rides, scenery and shops, we were never bored.

We went to the park for 8 days in a row! Although a costly amount, when you have travelled that far, it was worth it! While I was there I really wanted to get a few great photos in the park. With my past in modelling, photoshoots are something I enjoy and photos are a cheap way to remember the amazing trip.









*I want to put a quick blurb about the theme of the photos. I was lucky enough to stumble upon The Girls with Glasses very own Disneyland shoot before I left. I gathered inspiration from their photos (who can pass up the adorable crocheted Mickey Mouse?!).