Friday, February 25, 2011

it's -41 with wind chill.

So summer. Where are ya hiding?
I'll even take spring at this point. No one can look good when it's -40 out. It's just too depressing.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

gossip girl.

Blair & Serena
All Clothing
All Accessories
So Gossip Girl was on last night and yes I have to admit I still watch it faithfully. Although the story line isn't as good as Serena the trouble maker and Blair the tyrant of Constance the maturing story is true to it's characters. Since the start of the season [4] I have been in love with the clothing choices for all the characters. Eric Daman [See his book on fashion here] has his hands full trying to keep the carefree Serena and the proper Blair's outfits classy and appropriate and he has gone above and beyond!
This was one of my favorite pairings of the two girls from the first episode of the season when they were in Paris! I hope you enjoy the Blair/Serena pieces I put together, all from Forever 21 so they are super affordable!


Monday, February 14, 2011

to the singles.

I made this. Well grandma made it and I decorated it. Yay!

To all the singles out there: 
So yes, this is for you. Because after receiving around 10 text messages today saying 'Happppppppy Valentine's Day!' I could have barfed. I almost did actually. 
The best part, allllll of them were from my friends in [you guessed it!] a relationship. Like really, don't waste your time texting me to tell me that while you're enjoying your barfy day of lovely dovey activities I will enjoy mine eating leftover strawberry shortbread cake ALONE. YUP ALONE. 
So this is my list of why being single on Valentine's Day is the way to go!
1) You save a butt load. Plain and simple, cards these days are running at $6 bucks. We all know that $6 is enough money for that cute cocktail ring you saw last week at Forever 21. [Ps. He will throw that card out next week, when he does, I'll pay you a visit in my awesome new turquoise ring that will last FOREVER.] 
Also that's not including a present or dinner, or that amazing outfit you neeeeed him to see you in. I'm over here rolling in the $$$.
2) You do not have that pressure to make sure that V-Day is the most romantic special day, come on. If I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I won't. Because I have NO obligation.
3) Everything is pink and red. I don't like those colors together, never have, never will. Clash much?
4) You go out for supper just to look at all the super mushy couples- you lose your appetite. Waste of a super expensive meal. Meanwhile I will be eating burrito's with g-ma and g-pa. While watching tv. Ya, Cake Boss is what's up. Suck it.
5) That fuzzy bear wearing a sweater that says 'HUG ME'. NO. I will not hug you. Cute when I was 5. Now, not so much. Plus I will have saved the guy embarrassment of having to go into Wal-Mart and buy it. No one wants to be that guy. 

Sorry if you are in a relationship, you understand I'm sure. Also awesome fact of the day: My work gave me a strawberry shortcake cake today. Whether they felt bad for me, or just gave them out to everyone I will never know. I bolted before I was asked 'What are your plans today?'. 


Enjoy your night all you mushy folks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

urban Love.

So here lies my latest obsession. I love online shopping [mainly clothes], also just looking since I am without a credit card [never had one]. I have always loved looking for clothes, on sale of course and just to see whats out there, get an idea for up and coming seasons trends. Since I will be moving in September of this year I am now obsessed with looking at home decor. My favorite website [and store] has to be Urban Outfitters. They have such cute and fun pieces! Above I have the bedding that I am just dying for! They all have ruffles and are simple yet so cute!

Here are just some random things, that I think would be so cute and fun for a 20-something girl! First of all, how adorable are those pillows! They make up a full mustache and how cute! The next is the wallpaper, it is of different styles of frames, and the best part? YOU get to color them and draw whatever you want on them. The next is the multi-color chandelier which is just so fun. That's all. It's just fun! The forth thing is a floor mat, I'm not sure if you can read it or not but it says 'Please Don't Leave' which I think is just funny. Next is the matching ruffle shower curtain to the bedding above. It's so pretty. And last but not least is... THE BURGER PHONE. It's a classic. A burger phone, come on how can you not want one of these!
So there you have it, my latest loveeeeeeees. I hope one day to own all of the above in my cute little apartment while I go to law school [cross your fingers].

PS. IT'S THE WEEKEND. YAY. [Next week. Spring Break.]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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i [heart] deals!

I love deals! I can't say that enough. So that's why when I spotted this bag around a month ago I had to resist. It was at full price [$99.99] so technically still a deal. Buttttttttttttt as a college student I just couldn't spend that much. So yesterday I was out and about after class looking around Winners I found this bag still hanging there. It was screaming 'Brooklyn, BROOOOKLYN, Take me hooooome with yooooou!' I had to say no again! It was just not in my budget this month. So after going home empty handed I headed off to work and was kicking myself the whole night. So when I got home I asked my dad if he wanted to run the Winners quickly before they closed. So we ran there and my bag [backpack] was still there saying 'Thank you! You will NOT regret this!' And I haven't. It is so cute, Perfect for school [versus lugging around my poor purse filled with calculators, water bottles, notebooks and pens, on top of the regular items. 
Happy Wednesday! Weeks HALF OVER! 


PS. Just making sure you saw the original price.. $225.00!

Monday, February 7, 2011

2 weeks.

So. It's Monday. Ugh. That is just how I feel. 2 weeks away from reading week. So I suppose I can allow to be a little excited. My best friend is coming home from Uni [3 provinces away] so I am pumped. 
In the mean time, I have been a little lazy with my hair. Given I curl it every now and then the messy bun is my recent go to. Above is also my favorite headband! It is easy to wear and the animal print is subtle!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

done and done.

Ah and so my week has wrapped up! A bussssssy week at that. With four midterms. Catching up in all my classes from my missed [wisdom teeth] classes. Plus the work x2. So to top it all off last night my dad, brother and I went to the mall an hour away. We shopped and ate junk food. It was super fun and a great end to a long tedious week! I got a few things like a Coach t-shirt, a ring from Forever 21 and some Skull Candy headphones for $20! [Reg $50]
 Aside from that I finally got around to a few pictures showing the latest of my wardrobe choices. 
I hope you like it!


Sweater: American Eagle, Plaid Shirt: Gap, Scarf: Ardene's, Skirt: Stitches, Tights: Joe, Boots: Spring

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ahh midterms. we're NOT friends.

This is what I would rather be doing right now. Instead of studying and cramming and pushing information into my brain that just doesn't seem to want to be there. I would rather be sitting with my puppy. Doing JUST that. I know, I know. Tough. So I guess I'll suck it up and back to the books. [It's not that bad. But still.]
So I must apologize not a lot is going to happen until the weekend. As soon as I log on I seem to kill an hour easily. When we allllll know where my attention should be going - economics and the theory of bonds/stocks/etc.
Have a lovely week. Watch some tv for me!

Also I want these glasses on Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. They are the perfect geek - non try hard - SUPER CUTE glasses. I want.