Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still here.

HIYA! I am here, back. FINALLY! It has been the longest three weeks ever. Two weeks yesterday since my actual surgery date but the week leading up to it was filled with a lot of work and nervous thoughts! I don't have too much to say at this point. The recovery is going to be long and it is hard to even sit while I type this. Every day is better and will continue to get better! I put up a before and after pic just so you guys can kind of see what a difference it has already made [even though my back is still really swollen and my side muscles are not properly adjusted to the change!]..

My spine was at a 47 degree curve. Now it is at 0! It is 100% healed! [My muscles make it still look kind of uneven but they will adjust in a few weeks, also I look kind of hunched over. It is because my back is too sore to hold my shoulders back yet, still working on it]

Hope all is well!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

deal of the day.

So every Wednesday my sister and I sit down to watch America's Next Top Model. I do love that show. I especially love the photo shoots, the ideas, outfits, make-up and hair! It would be unreal to be doing a shoot like that every few days! [Above are some of my favorite photos] This week I was so happy to see Alexandria go. She was not a favorite of mine at all. Both my sister and I agree that she seems so fake in front of potential clients, although thats the face your suppose to put on, a little genuinity wouldnt hurt..
I'm so inpired to head out and take some photos however with the remaining 3 days until my surgery the weather is suppose to rain the whole time. Hopefully it will smarten up for a few hours so I can head out!

In other news, I saw this vest online at The Gap. I fell in love, Looked in Red Deer a few days ago and I couldn't find it, I went to The Gap yesterday in Edmonton and couldn't find it, so when I was back home today I looked and by surprise there was one hanging on a rack. I looked at the price and it was $69.95! That's a little pricey! So I put it back, promptly picking it back up thinking, whats the harm in asking. So I carried around with me and finally asked. Then I knew it was ment to be when the sales lady told me it was $4.99! Also I had a 40% off card.
It came to $2.99. Unreal. Just the greatest find. So happy!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

going to grow.

So I know I said last week was busy but perhaps I should just stop saying that because I guess that’s just life; busy! Anyways this week my stomach has been turning as I prepare for surgery [happening on Monday, May.9].. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about having two titanium rods screwed into my spine but at the same time I’m excited!
Perhaps I will start with what I am having done. I have what is called scoliosis, which is basically a curve in your spine. Most people will say, ‘you look normal’ or ‘you don’t have bad posture’ but most of the time, and in my case, the curve [as you will see below] will make a hip appear larger than the other. The curve is more side to side, versus something that makes you appear like you have bad posture. I hope that makes sense.
I was thirteen when my mom first noticed that my one hip was looking ‘bigger’ than the other. As time went on we went to the doctor and realized that it was indeed scoliosis. Since I had no pain we let it be. As time went on surgery become more of an option since my pain has definitely increased. It is hard to travel and hard to wear clothes that should look good on me, but because of my back won’t look as it should. So before I move away to Uni and start my life on my own this summer was the best time to have surgery. As planned for a year I just received the date a week and a half ago and now time is flying by. So I am super nervous and just can’t wait to wake up in recovery and start the battle of healing and becoming accustomed to this new trait.
Basically I have to think of the pros, the pain and what not isn’t even that scary for me. I have a high pain tolerance and do not mind what is to come. I think most of it is fear of the unknown.
Bonus: I get to go shopping for a new skin tight dress. Something that will show off everything. [No one said I had to wear it out. Actually I will probably just wear it around the house for the next 2 months in excitment!]
So this week I am preparing for a weeklong stay at the hospital, which isn’t exactly the summer vaca I had wished for, but I know the long run I will be extremely glad I did it.

This is an x-ray of a person who has a '78°' curve. After the rods they are '15°'. My curve is much lower at only 45° so my curve isn't as bad.

So I guess I can call this week busy? Ya, it will be.
Oh! And also, once my back is straightened I will gain about 1.5" in height. Gulp. 6'1.5"? Oh my.