Tuesday, April 26, 2011

busy week.

I took the picture of my brother. Cupcake in front of face on purpose. I'm so nice.

This week has been super busy! Now I know I say this most every week. But this week is the start of another busy portion of my year.
Easter Sunday was also my brother’s 18th birthday [I’m in Alberta remember, that’s a BIG deal!], this week my mom and sister are off to Quebec, when they get home my dad is off to Vancouver, and once he is home, my mom and I will go to Edmonton where I will be having back surgery, while at the same time my dad and one brother are in BC again for volleyball provincials. Busy. I told you.
Anyways, I decided I would make a batch of cupcakes; half for my brother and half for Easter. The Easter ones I decided would be a fruit cupcake with berries inside topped with vanilla buttercream, colored coconut, chocolate mini eggs and sour licorice for the basket handle. The birthday ones were just a coconut cupcake [brother’s favorite] with a coconut buttercream. Both were a hit amongst the fam!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

heated dome.

This is Miley's heated dome as we like to call it. Basically it's an adorable dome dog bed with my electronic heated pad that she has laid claims to. As shown here, also known as her magic blanket.
She just lays there fast asleep, when she gets too hot she flops one or more of her little body parts out of the dome and cools off on my bed. It's kind of like a puppy whisperer, I'm sure of it because when she is running laps around the basement full of energy, one paw into the dome and shes out like a light. 

Anyways I will allow her to lay there today on account of IT'S SNOWING OUT. Yes, that's right, snow. Yay. I had tanned my legs up in preparation for short/sun dress season and bam. Mother nature will hear nothing of it. Not to mention, I have to work 8 hours today, have a headache, think it's a migraine because I feel sick to my stomach. OH and I can't wait until tonight at 7:00 when I write my economics final, worth 40% of my final grade. 
Great. Day. 
Now I'm not normally one for complaining but today I just felt I would share my wonderful Saturday. Can't wait until tomorrow. And spring. Can't wait until spring too. 

Hope your Saturday is better than mine! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

necklace board.

Today I thought I would share how I store my many necklaces! So here is my 'necklace board' or whatever you would like to call it. Basically it's a cork board + thumb tacs + necklaces = organized, non-tangled display! Yes, I have a thing for cork boards. They can make all sorts of cool things!
From a distance I suppose they all just look like a big random mess but individually I love all my necklaces! I have abnormally tiny wrists so most bangles and bracelets are a no. They just fall off. Unless they are these ones, which I made myself, nice and tiny. 
So yes, my jewelry obsession mainly lies with necklaces and rings. Most of which came from my previous job at American Eagle which has surprisingly nice jewelry! [overpriced, I know, who wants to pay $23 per necklace but I had a discount at time of purchase] Now, even though I don't have a Forever 21 in my city there is one close enough and that is where I am starting to get more and more of my jewelry [at a reasonable price!]..


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

that's whats up.

Can't wait until summer. Magazines & Ice Tea on the deck. Oh my goodness. Can't wait.

HEYO! I am current chowing down on some delish spaghetti and I mean chowing. I am at work and it is probably all over my face. I wouldn't be surprised..I eat like I'm 5.. No big deal.
So I am extremely happy for the end of my school week [last friday] I am finally becoming adjusted to this whole no classes, sleep in, try to be productive days. I feel like I should give myself a week to not have to do much of anything but still my overactive mind is saying 'there is no time for this missy'.. So today I was convinced by my mother that I should do my taxes. File my own taxes. Ugh. So I did, and they weren't that bad actually so I take back the ugh I suppose it's more the thought than actually doing them. 
Also it's +3 out right now, that's whats up. I almost don't need a jacket. 
..who am I kidding, SPRRRRRRRING WHERE ARE YOU!? I even cracked out the self tanner yesterday in preparation. That way I won't look too pasty compared to all those rich people who were jetting off to warmer lands. Self tanner, that's whats up.
And once it arrives I assure you my little camera and I will be out and about having the most wonderful time. Taking pictures and all. You will see them. Don't ya worry. That is probably the thing I look forward the MOST!

 Have a lovely [mid] week, I will [hopefully] be studying my little buns off until next Wednesday; at which all my exams will be finished - that's whats up.
Until then.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

pretty pictures.

preeeeeety pictures?
whatdaya think?
I love them, a little old Hollywood glam feel. 
PS. I should be studying. Ugh. I really should.Ok now I will.
ok, I didn't instead I found this link you should check out. 75 Abandoned Theaters from around the US. My favorites are 45, 49, 51 & 58. There is just something about them that makes them strangely beautiful. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

[four sleeps].

Today has been a good start to a busy week. Everything is wrapping up finally. I am five days [four sleeps] from being done classes. I know you all must think I'm super whiny but really it's just been the longest, not boring, not hard, but just agonizing semester. The weather sucks. Homework sucks. Work sucks [not my job, just working period]. 
Mentally I neeeeed a break. And that's whats going down on May.9th as me and the papa roll outta here on a little road trip [only to British Columbia], but still. It's hotels, eating out and relaxing by the pool that I can NOT wait for. OH! And also I can wear shorts, and sandels. Yes for those of you who have been wearing either for months-shudup. I am just depressed by the snow that is STILL on the ground. One of these days the sun will come out and when it does, you will get to see pictures. 
Alas, nice weather = inspiration = photography = more blog photos.. you see where I'm going with this.
Also above I have just some celebs that are rocking the spring looks. First of all Vanessa Hudgens chopped the hair. It looks like mine now! I used to look at her long locks and feel this little knot in my stomoach saying "whyyyy did you cut your hair?!" Now after seeing this it reasssures me that this look is fresh and adorable.
Emma & Rachel always look great, no explination needed.
Happy Monday!