Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Flipping through magazines I love to see the up and coming trends..I was flipping through Teen Vogue I found this on a 'top ten trends for spring' article. I love a pop of neon in an outfit! So I was pretty happy when I saw this. I loved all the bracelets but the prices ranged from $12.50-$49.50 each. So since I figured that was a little steep for just one little bracelet I figured I would try to make some myself. I went to a craft store and bought bright thread. It turned out to be 50 cents per color. So basically this DIY cost $4 in total! I braided them a couple of simple ways: 1) The classic braid and knot, 2) The classic friendship braid with a swirl.. 
Happy Tuesday. I know that my tuesday isn't all that special due to the fact that I am getting these ol' wisdom teeth of mine out in t-minus 12 hours. yay. 


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  1. You should post some pics of your bracelets! I'm sure they turned out way cute :)