Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miley's Magic Blanket

So today was much less hectic than yesterday. So I threw on my favorite pair of leggings [probably the reason for a good day, from Lululemon], grey top with decretive stitching on the arms [from H&M which is super soft], floral scarf [again from H&M], and belted it all with a $3 belt I found ages ago!
Also Miley has found her favorite spot in the house, and it's WITH ME! Yay! She is spending her fair share of time on my bed, on top of my heating blanket. Since she's so tiny she gets so cold, so anything remotely warm she flocks to. I heard her scratching at my door this early this morning, as soon as I opened the door she ran to my bed and tried desperately to get up. So like always I lifted her on and she buried herself in my covers until I was ready to go to school.
What a doll.
[Above is her laying on the heating blanket, I tell her it's a magic blanket and she gets so excited]


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