Wednesday, February 22, 2017

bullet journal 2017 layouts, take two.

Here are a few more photos of my recent bullet journal layouts. 

Birthday Log

Here I did a colorful circle type chart. This is to remember the months of birthdays for my friends and family. I didn't add dates, although it would be highly beneficial, maybe next year!

Quote Page

Here is a page I did one day after work. I had a frustrating day at the office and a friend told me this quote. I thought it was funny and relatable so I decided to get out all of my negative energy and make this page. It is helpful to read over and allowed me to get over my frustrations.

Books I've Read

This is a spread for books I will be reading in 2017. I didn't think I would use a page with book suggestions, as I read on my kindle and use my Amazon wishlist for future reads. This was a template I found online. There are many ideas on Pinterest but for this template, search 'books to read bullet journal template' - it should pop up.

Gift Ideas

Throughout the year I will see different items that I think would be perfect as gifts. I would think 'oh, I need to remember this' or put a random note in my phone. This layout allows me to jot down gift ideas for friends and family, later in the year, I know where to go to get some gift inspiration.

Exercise Log

This is a layout that is very popular. I definitely find it beneficial and get excited when I know I get to color in a square on my chart. It is a good way to stay accountable to exercise. A quote I love and wrote on this page - 'the time will pass anyways'. It is good motivation!

Disneyland Ride Log

This layout won't be for everyone. I am going to Disneyland in May for the Tinkerbell 10k. I love the Disneyland parks and can't wait for the trip! I love to write down what rides I went on to see how much I did in a day, plus it is fun for me to look back on after the trip is done. It really helps me to relive the memories. 

DIY Ideas

This is a brain dump page for DIY ideas. I love pinning DIYs on Pinterest but sometimes the ideas can get lost. This is a page for projects that I am going to take on in the near future. Currently I have decided to take some pieces in my wardrobe to get embroidered - up-cycle them!

USA Travel Tracker

I think this is a fun page, I printed a map of the United States and traced it (to the best of my ability). I have colored the states that I have visited. It is a fun visual travel page. By the looks of things, I've got a lot of traveling to do!

I have been loving my bullet journal since I started a month ago. It has been a fun way to keep track of thoughts, plans ,etc. Also, I should note, the pen I have been loving is the Sharpie pen in black ink. It states 'no bleeding', which is true for the most part. You can always see a little definition from the prior page but it isn't nearly as bad as most pens I have tried in the past.

What is a bullet journal layout you are loving currently?


Monday, February 6, 2017

bullet journal 2017 layouts.

The world of bullet journaling awaits! 

Cover Page & Pencil Case 

To start things off, if my cover looks familiar it's likely because I was inspired by Lily Pebbles. I ordered the bullet journal collaboration with Leuchtturm 1917, as did Lily. I then saw her YouTube video that shows her 2017 layout. I saw the retro label maker labels and fell in love! I knew I had to replicate it. Thanks Lily! I've linker her video above, make sure to watch it, if you haven't already!


This is my index page. One bonus to the bullet journal collaboration is that there is already an 'index' page located within the journal. This made for easy recording of my additional pages. 

Future Log

Above and below are my future log pages. I kept things pretty simply, adding a little color to make the pages interesting. I may add more details in the future but didn't want to over-do it right away. 

Future Log

Disneyland Countdown
                  The page above I was really excited about. We are doing the Tinkerbell 10k in Disneyland in May! I decided to do a little countdown page to help my keep track of the days left until the trip. Also, a lot of my 'drawings' I printed off of the computer and then used the printout as a guide to draw (or in some cases trace) the picture. For my Disney characters I simply googled 'Disney coloring pages' as they are mainly black and white simple designs. 

Budget - January

Here is my budget page when I list all of my expenses for the month. Checking them off as I have paid them. 

Meal Ideas

This page I made for the nights when you get home from work and just can't think of what to have for dinner. I will continue to jot down meals ideas so I can quickly reference them when I am planning a meal.

What I Loved - January

This page I called 'What I Loved in ______'. The idea came from youtubers 'favorites' videos. This is where at the end of the month, you round up the items that you have loved the most and talk about them. I love watching the videos and this was a great way for a non-youtuber to participate. As you can see for January I included my Bullet Journal!

TV Series Log

I saw this page on Pinterest and mimicked the idea. Firstly, I love using a colored marker to write the letter of your title after you have written the same title in a cursive style. I think it is cute, trendy and actually quite easy to reproduce. I am loving all of these shows! Especially Prison Break (which I never watched while it was on air) and Riverdale (a new show on the CW).  

Home Project List

This is another page that I found inspiration for on Pinterest. It has a 'house' type shape with irregular sized boxes within its walls. This is where I will write bigger ticket items that I want to complete with my house. 

Migraine Tracker

I really love the idea of this next page. It is a migraine tracker. If you are like me and suffer from migraines keeping track is a great idea. Often my doctor would ask, when is the last time you had a migraine or I would be curious myself. This allows me to make note and keep track a few months at a time. Thank goodness January was kind to me! Zero migraines!

Movie Watchlist

This page is a simple page where I am keeping track of movies that I would like to see. All to often I see a movie trailer on TV or even in theaters and then forget about the movies for months at a time. This page is a fun idea to keep track of some movies I'd like to watch in case I can't think of one off the top of my head. This list will lend a helping hand (PS, SO excited for Beauty and the Beast in March!). 


This page is designed as a savings log. I have a couple of items or things I am saving for. This page allows me to color a block in for every $50 that I save. This way I can see my savings goals come to life. Currently on the list: a new cell phone, a hair cut (they can be so expensive!) and spending money for my trip to Disneyland. 

Mood Tracker

Although this isn't the last page in my bullet journal, it is the last I will be talking about today. It is fun and quirky and I really loved the idea when I saw a similar on on Pinterest. This page is inspired by the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. Each 'emotion' or mood has a color associated with it. Every day I color in a block as to what my mood was that day. I think this will be a good way to allow the positive to outshine the negatives. Some of the emotions like Disgust or Fear are quite specific so I allow them to cover a variety of feelings. One day I was feeling irritable and annoyed. I counted this as a 'Disgust' like feeling and therefore colored my day green. 

Bullet journaling is a fun and unique way to keep track of certain items. Some people treat theirs more like a planner and some more as a scrapbook of ideas. I like having my thoughts in one place where I can keep a simple, creative log.