Thursday, December 22, 2016



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Erin Condren 2016-207 Life Planner Cover - Hack

Hi everyone!

Today is a very exciting day in the planner community! Erin Condren has released her 2016-2017 Life Planners!

I was on the website a few minutes early and saw that the life planners were already available. I went through and customized my planner and added it to my cart. The new interchangeable covers were not yet available. I waited until the actual release time, 8:00 am MST or 9:00 am CST. Sure enough the new individual covers were updated and I put a few in my cart as well.

There have been more than a few hiccups with the system (as I have seen on Twitter that customers have been charged multiple times for the same order). In addition the website has been on and off ever since the launch. I know the Erin Condren team has put their hearts into the products. I don't hold any of the flaws in ordering against them, although every year history seems to repeat itself.

When I was ordering I realized about the 'new' life planner customizable process. In the customizable process - if you choose a normal cover you don't have to pay extra. For a metallic cover you pay $10 extra. The next screen is personalization. To add your name it is an extra $5.

The life planner = $50.00 base rate (with non-personalized cover), to add your name the total is $55.00.
The interchangeable covers [separate] are $8 for normal and $10 for metallic on their own, this includes personalization. 

What I ended up doing was chose a cover (the pineapple print in lilac) and decided to not personalize it. This is the cover it put on my life planner to ship (currently my total is $50). I then went and put the marble print (as seen below) in my cart on it's own - personalized it was only $8.

My total was $50 + $8 = $58.00 [1 life planner, 1 non-personalized cover, 1 personalized cover]
New life planner process $50 + $5 personalization = $55.00 [1 life planner, 1 personalized cover]

At the end of the day you get a non-personalized interchangeable cover for only $3 more!

I definitely recommend making your life planner with a non-customized cover. Then adding another cover to your cart. There are many covers with quotes and cute designs!

Below are a few of my favorites that I ended up picking up.

[marble, first and last name]

[painted peaks, first and last name]

[in bloom metallic rose gold, first and last name]

[diamonds, first and last name]

[pineapple punch lilac, non-personalized]

*Here is a referral code, as I'm sure most of you have seen before. It will get you $10.00 off your first order with Erin Condren! Click the link below and it will direct you to the Erin Condren site.*

Happy shopping and happy planning!


Friday, December 25, 2015

chihuahua photoshoot, part 2.


Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. Warm wishes from myself and these two nuggets!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

holiday wishes from two little chihuahuas!

Happy holidays! 

I can only imagine the struggle I will have when I eventually have kids (my wallet will never forgive me). I could not walk past the dog isle at my local Winners without picking up these adorable outfits. This past weekend I thought I would mildly annoy my dogs (Jenna Marbles style) and dress both up for a Christmas photoshoot. My brothers were less than impressed but there is no denying how cute they are!

This was at the end of the photos - Mia was so unimpressed and Miley was rejoicing as she would soon be out of the awful dress!

Take care!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

H&M 2015 Advent Calendar Review

Above is the H&M Advent Calendar. It has 24 days with a different piece of jewelry or accessory for each. I got this at my local H&M in the jewelry section. At $39.99 the price seemed steep! Even if there are 24 items $40 seemed like a lot compared to other calendars. 

I was super curious since I love a lot of H&M jewelry. It is always on trend and decent quality for the price. 

This calendar was disappointing to say the least! It wasn't good quality at all! I would expect to find better at a local dollar store. In addition is was tacky. Including Christmas themed products as well as regular. Above is a candy cane key chain that came in one of the days. 

Here are three other examples of products. One is a tiny moon charm. This is not the only charm so actually a few days combined make one 'piece' of jewelry. The dangling earrings have a clear bead on the end. I would not wear 90% of the products that this set came with. 

All in all I would NOT recommend purchasing this! Save your money and buy one or two pieces that are on trend and much better quality. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dior So Real dupe!

first saw the Dior So Real sunglasses on Amelia Liana in one of her vlogs. I fell in love! I immediately looked in the down bar and comments to see where she had purchased them from. I was disappointed to learn they were by Dior. Only because it meant I would never own a pair. I just couldn't justify the purchase!

I waited and waited in hopes that stores would be bringing out similar styles. By then I had seen them on celebrities such as Rihanna and Olivia Palermo. Forever 21 had a pair that were larger and nice enough (I purchased the tortoise shell pair). However it was this past weekend I stumbled upon a better dupe in my eyes (no pun intended). They were from Aldo. They are $12/pair or 2/$20. I bought the black and clear and with my SPC card got an additional 10% off! 

They are not exact dupes as you would expect. The main difference is the bottom of the frames are still plastic not wire like Dior's. 

My favorite are the clear. I love the mirrored lenses. 

What do you think?! I think it's a great option for a trend piece. Especially at $9/pair!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

erin condren deluxe notebook.

I recently applied for a certificate program at the University of Alberta. I received my acceptance and quickly enrolled. This obviously gave me a reason to purchase one of Erin Condren's deluxe notebooks.

When you purchase a deluxe notebook and then add the 12 month calendar option the price is $50! That seemed like a lot to me considering this was just a notebook - $50 can buy you a life planner. So when I got an email from Erin Condren saying that they were offering a free calendar upgrade (worth $15) I decided to take the plunge. In addition I had a gift card which significantly lowered my total. 

I went ahead with the 8.5 x 11 pink geodes print. I opted for my initials to be capitalized. The colors are beautiful and I feel this is quite a trendy cover. I also love the durable lamination and sturdy coil.  *Sorry for the awkward angle - the covers are laminated which creates a terrible glare.

You are able to choose the start date for your calendar option. This is great so you don't purchase a 12 month calendar and only use 10 months. I chose September as that is when school starts. I received the calendar date dots to label my calendar (as it comes blank). 

The deluxe notebook came with a clear page marker/ruler which I find very helpful! 

It also includes two sticker sheets, a folder and clear pocket. 

I love this notebook and although I don't recommend it for kids to use for back to school (just too pricey), it is a great option for post secondary/work. I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to using it!

Take care!