Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Erin Condren 2016-207 Life Planner Cover - Hack

Hi everyone!

Today is a very exciting day in the planner community! Erin Condren has released her 2016-2017 Life Planners!

I was on the website a few minutes early and saw that the life planners were already available. I went through and customized my planner and added it to my cart. The new interchangeable covers were not yet available. I waited until the actual release time, 8:00 am MST or 9:00 am CST. Sure enough the new individual covers were updated and I put a few in my cart as well.

There have been more than a few hiccups with the system (as I have seen on Twitter that customers have been charged multiple times for the same order). In addition the website has been on and off ever since the launch. I know the Erin Condren team has put their hearts into the products. I don't hold any of the flaws in ordering against them, although every year history seems to repeat itself.

When I was ordering I realized about the 'new' life planner customizable process. In the customizable process - if you choose a normal cover you don't have to pay extra. For a metallic cover you pay $10 extra. The next screen is personalization. To add your name it is an extra $5.

The life planner = $50.00 base rate (with non-personalized cover), to add your name the total is $55.00.
The interchangeable covers [separate] are $8 for normal and $10 for metallic on their own, this includes personalization. 

What I ended up doing was chose a cover (the pineapple print in lilac) and decided to not personalize it. This is the cover it put on my life planner to ship (currently my total is $50). I then went and put the marble print (as seen below) in my cart on it's own - personalized it was only $8.

My total was $50 + $8 = $58.00 [1 life planner, 1 non-personalized cover, 1 personalized cover]
New life planner process $50 + $5 personalization = $55.00 [1 life planner, 1 personalized cover]

At the end of the day you get a non-personalized interchangeable cover for only $3 more!

I definitely recommend making your life planner with a non-customized cover. Then adding another cover to your cart. There are many covers with quotes and cute designs!

Below are a few of my favorites that I ended up picking up.

[marble, first and last name]

[painted peaks, first and last name]

[in bloom metallic rose gold, first and last name]

[diamonds, first and last name]

[pineapple punch lilac, non-personalized]

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Happy shopping and happy planning!


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