Saturday, January 29, 2011


So this week past was just a week that I had been dreading! Now that it's done I feel SUCH a sense of relief and so glad that it's the weekend. Now although I have had 3 days off from both school and work, I'm still excited to have another evening and day off tomorrow. So I went under on Wednesday to get the ol' wisdom teeth out. My appointment was at 7:20 am. Yay. I was thrilled getting up let me tell you. After it was honestly not that bad at all! I went to my grandma's ate a HUGE vanilla milkshake and enjoyed my time watching The Price is Right with g-ma & g-pa. It;s probably sad that I was excited to have those days off just to do nothing even if it meant I had to have teeth yanked out to enjoy some me time! 
Anyways, since my mom wasn't able to make it to my appointment [she was in 1.5hrs away for a different appointment] she stopped and got me a present to make me feel better! Now let me tell you after I heard that I was ALL over this wisdom tooth deal, milkshakes, no school and presents? I was wishing I had more teeth to go. Anyways she ended up stopping at one of my favorite stores! [can you guess?] PINK! She got me the matching sweat pants to my hoodie and a few shirts to lounge around in. I spent three days in that outfit and it served its purpose. [Also they were having a HUGE sale so the sweats were $45 down to $9.50! Crazy]


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Flipping through magazines I love to see the up and coming trends..I was flipping through Teen Vogue I found this on a 'top ten trends for spring' article. I love a pop of neon in an outfit! So I was pretty happy when I saw this. I loved all the bracelets but the prices ranged from $12.50-$49.50 each. So since I figured that was a little steep for just one little bracelet I figured I would try to make some myself. I went to a craft store and bought bright thread. It turned out to be 50 cents per color. So basically this DIY cost $4 in total! I braided them a couple of simple ways: 1) The classic braid and knot, 2) The classic friendship braid with a swirl.. 
Happy Tuesday. I know that my tuesday isn't all that special due to the fact that I am getting these ol' wisdom teeth of mine out in t-minus 12 hours. yay. 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

awkward & awesome weekends [jan.22].

Happy weekend! Although for most of you it's half over, I am still much anticipating it's arrival [since my weekend doesn't start until 5 o'clock Sat night]. I have made my list of awkward & awesome's!

-The girl across from you in the school library wearing WAY TOOOO MUCH make-up. Seriously, it looked like stage make-up. So bad.
-Having every person you pass look at your feet, just to make sure you're really that tall. 
-When you start acting like the other 14 men you work with. Fart humor and all! Oops!
-The fact that next week when I do this post I will be missing 4 of my teeth. Aww man!
-People who drive s l o w in the FAST LANE. Seriously? I will only forgive you if you are 75+ years of age.

-Glow sticks. The other day I found some at the dollar store and felt like I had an obligation to my childhood to buy them- so I did.
-Knowing that after an 8 hour day at work I get to go home then go see the new Harry Potter with my little sista.
-College Fashion and how every Thursday they come out their post titled Haute Links. It contains a bunch of cute, stylish, economical and random facts and websites!
-Those cute stupid movies [I'm talking about When in Rome, The Back-Up Plan, Letters to Juliet]. They are not the greatest story lines, cast or plot, but either way they are cute and I love them all the same. [Watched Kristin Bell in When in Rome last night - funny & cute!]
-Miley [shown above with magic blanket see blanket here]


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

style readings.

As I was flipping through a magazine the other day, I love the fact that they specialize in the 'now' trends. I was then thinking of the best books I had that involved the fundamentals of fashion.
Now although I couldn't even finish Lauren Conrad's fiction novels [they were not my cup of tea], her style book is awesome! It is simple and informative; as well it has pictures of Lauren with all the styles she is touching on. There is also a section for make-up and hair [Shown above is her demonstration of her classic braids].
Next I have the book You Know You Want It By Eric Daman. He is the fashion director on the set of Gossip Girl. He has so many great tips in this book to make sure that everyone can rock the classics [including the infamous Blair Waldorf headband].
The last is a book about everything. It includes style but it also has fun bits on everything. It is hundreds of points to help lead to a 'goddess' lifestyle. And although I'm perfectly fine with my student lifestyle, some of the ideas are fun for pampering or dates.
Check them out!


Monday, January 17, 2011

cheap art.

So today was the first day of the rest of my life? I suppose in a sense! I started my internship as an assistant running around the law firm, answering phones, opening files and yes making coffee. It was wonderful! Seriously. I'm in love. And it's a darn good thing because I have two years of schooling under my belt in hopes of become a lawyer. In the firm there are basically three levels of employees. Reception/Office assistants - Legal assistants - Lawyers. Now I guess it's the fact that I have been a receptionist for 1.5 years now but I cannot wait to finish up another 4 years of uni and be able to have such a wonderful career to call my own. I guess it's a relief that I loved it, but in the same sense I knew I would.
So that's today, but what is that picture of you ask? Well Saturday night I was just hanging out and looking at the cork board that I got for Christmas [see here]. I figured that I needed to do something to spruce it up, so with all the hype up and coming of 'inspiration boards' I figured I would put my own spin on it. With the past 6 months worth of Glamour in hand, a little Chihuahua and some sewing pins I created a cute addition to any space, filled with artists, models, clothing, colors and a general feel that 'inspires' me!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

awkward & awesome weekends [jan.15].

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays are what The Daybook is known for. So although my last awkward and awesome post was on a Saturday, at lass I'm going to dub mine Awkward weekend. This way it sums up the events of the week..
Here we go:
-Going to the groceries store and using 7 coupons to pay for my supper [ingredients]. The total came to $1.39 for a 5 person meal. People were staring saying "what is taking this girl so long?"... The stares, they were awkwrad.
-Oh wow. Also this: The top ten reasons why to read Snooki's book. Juiced-up guido to my door, really?
-Being on empty twice in a week on my way to school in the morning. When I am already late. Both times. Whennnnn will I learn?
-The fact that my best friend moved a good 3 provinces away. It should be under the category 'sucky' but awkward works too.
-Having the snow banks in the front yard taller than I. Yes, they are 6'0"+ in height. Really? How much snow do we need?
-Sundays.  They are the only day to 'relax' but all I can think about is how busy my week is going to be starting tomorrow. 6 days of pure fun. Not.
-COUPONS. You can't tell me you didn't see this coming. Come on it was only $1.39. And yes, I am in college so I don't want to have to spend any more money than I have to.
-The fact that I got some awesome wedge boots for $30. Originally $70.
-The fact that I just got an internship at a local law firm. Did I mention there are a bunch of female lawyers there. Double bonus. It will rock. Starting tomorrow.
-This counts for two awesome points because I'm super excited about this: My Wreck This Journal By Keri Smith is coming this Friday. I ordered it off of Amazon and I cannot wait. I will be documenting my attempts at wrecking the thing. Stay tuned!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

creative door hangers.

My room is kind of overwhelming. It's a comfortable size, but I have so much things in it [vanity, bed, desk, cabinet and bookshelf] so space is limited. Since I have so many scarves and purses, the scarves are all [attempting] hanging on a rack beside my closet, and my bags end up going under my bed.
But I was at Winners the other day and found these cute little door hangers, with a big jewel [diamond] on it. They were 2 for $5. So when I got home I figured I would hang up two of my favorite little cross body bags; my Coach medium print bag and Mulberry for Target bag that my cousin so gracious sent me up from Bellingham, WA. 
I hung both on each door in my room. Then to add the 'outfit' type feel I stuck a couple of scarves around the hook as well. I am yet to find two decretive hangers so I can put a blouse or something on it to display an actual outfit so until then I am able to see my lovely bags in a cute way!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miley's Magic Blanket

So today was much less hectic than yesterday. So I threw on my favorite pair of leggings [probably the reason for a good day, from Lululemon], grey top with decretive stitching on the arms [from H&M which is super soft], floral scarf [again from H&M], and belted it all with a $3 belt I found ages ago!
Also Miley has found her favorite spot in the house, and it's WITH ME! Yay! She is spending her fair share of time on my bed, on top of my heating blanket. Since she's so tiny she gets so cold, so anything remotely warm she flocks to. I heard her scratching at my door this early this morning, as soon as I opened the door she ran to my bed and tried desperately to get up. So like always I lifted her on and she buried herself in my covers until I was ready to go to school.
What a doll.
[Above is her laying on the heating blanket, I tell her it's a magic blanket and she gets so excited]


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it was a colddddd day in Alberta!

It's true, it was so cold today. Still is actually. Now although its not nearly as cold as it has been in the past, I still believe that -30°C is blog worthy.
Now other than that I enjoyed getting up early enough to get ready for school, eat a quick breakfast and head off to school just in the nick of time. Two minutes away from my house -ding! On goes the empty light in my car. Not only was I going to be late but the closet gas station was 10+ mins out of my way.
Great. And even though I started my day in panic, I ran to class [and I mean ran, I was dodging people in the halfway left, right and centre] and made it literally seconds before the teacher.
So other than that little miss hap of a morning, I was out of school by 12:30, in some sweats and on the catching up on One Tree Hill Season 7, which I have enjoyed for the past few nights. Props to oth for seriously making 7 seasons [on the 8th] and changing that story line enough to keep all their viewers satisfied. Thoroughly impressed.

PS. Miley likes to wear her parka too on days like these, even though she only lasts a few minutes. She enjoys it while she can!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

awkward & awesome.

Alright, some awkward and awesome rants! Idea via le Sydney at

Here we go:

-Slipping on water at work, twisting my ankle, while holding a bowl of porridge. After NOT spilling it I gracefully looked around to see if anyone saw me. -Still not sure if I was sneaky enough but no one has laughed at me yet!
-Walking out of the bathroom stall at school and having a girl washing her hands smile at me? Like I mean I just opened the door and BOOM - ☺ GIANT smile.
-Having snow being blown up my pants. And in my shoes. And in my socks. It's just not nice and simply quite awkward.
-A customer’s voice at work. She was yelling and it was possibly the most annoying sound. Also I was filing 1654534 folders outside the office she was in.

-Working for 8 hours, then going home and knowing that I get to go plop on the couch, watch a movie and have pizza for supper. Can't wait [1.5 hours and counting]
-Going to my grandma & grandpa's house for lunch every Saturday that I work. It's great to see them, catch up on the week and eat some yummy grandma food.
-My grandpa giving me a pair of his HUGE socks because mine were soaking from the snow [see point 3].
-The beginning of the last semester here! I guess it's awesome, well the idea of it at least. I'm assuming come the first midterm week I will be thinking otherwise, but until then!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

back to the ol' grind

So today was my first day back to school. Boy did I wish I was at home sleeping when I sat through my economics overview class. I think I did doze off actually. Not to mention our classroom is the size of Carrie Bradshaw's closet and we have to squish 26 people in it. It's just silly.
It's the start of the semester and somehow my head is still stuck in last, I just feel like I need this year of school to be over.
Either way, when I got home from school [at 12:30 which pretty much rocks] my brother [home sick with mono] went on YouTube and searched Chihuahua puppies. It was a good end to a tedious first day.
Also I was happy to come and see my little baby, aka my chihuahua puppy [shown above]. I kind of feel like she is the wife and I’m the husband coming home from work - it's just the kind of relationship we have.
She's cute.


PS. I've really got to stop eating all this Jell-O at work. My tongue is a range of blue – purple – extra red. It’s kind of embarrassing. Especially when I forget when talking to customers.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

rainbow cupcakes!

So one day I was bored. I also believe I was on vacation from school, obviously why I felt the need to bake! I had saw on a website something along this line and figured I would try it out. And surprisingly enough they turned out very well! They look just as good as they tasted. Successful. And super easy!
[All you do, is before pouring the batter in your trays divide the batter up like I did into however many colors you want. I used plastic bags and used them like icing piping bags; it just seemed to work easier, and less messy. Then you pour/squeeze each color into each spot. Cook like normal.]
and TA-DA. Rainbow cupcakes at their finest!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2o1o vacation memories; NYC

It was a great trip! Last year during spring break as I sat at home wondering why on earth I wasn't somewhere else! Well I knew why and it was because of money [college & vacations don't tend to get along. Both fight for my funds!]. So as me and a couple of my friends were super disappointed we decided that come June we would go somewhere. It would allow our year of schooling to wrap up and us to work for a month and a half to earns the funds. So that’s exactly what we did! [Which is weird because things that like that never seem to happen in my life, always postponed.]
So there I was with two friends, not my best friends at the time, but that is definitely what made it better, we had a lot to catch up on and it was great to experience the great city with some old friends. Above I stuck a few of my favorite sites. Of course there were SO many and I will be going back. It's a guarantee.


ps. You were wondering hey? Is that really Rufus from Gossip Girl? Brooke's favorite show?! How can it be? Umm.. I don't know, all I can say is FATE.