Tuesday, January 18, 2011

style readings.

As I was flipping through a magazine the other day, I love the fact that they specialize in the 'now' trends. I was then thinking of the best books I had that involved the fundamentals of fashion.
Now although I couldn't even finish Lauren Conrad's fiction novels [they were not my cup of tea], her style book is awesome! It is simple and informative; as well it has pictures of Lauren with all the styles she is touching on. There is also a section for make-up and hair [Shown above is her demonstration of her classic braids].
Next I have the book You Know You Want It By Eric Daman. He is the fashion director on the set of Gossip Girl. He has so many great tips in this book to make sure that everyone can rock the classics [including the infamous Blair Waldorf headband].
The last is a book about everything. It includes style but it also has fun bits on everything. It is hundreds of points to help lead to a 'goddess' lifestyle. And although I'm perfectly fine with my student lifestyle, some of the ideas are fun for pampering or dates.
Check them out!


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  1. Oh isn't she just gorgeous! Love fashion books, magazines, blogs (of course)...fun stuff...I enjoy being a girl!