Sunday, January 16, 2011

awkward & awesome weekends [jan.15].

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays are what The Daybook is known for. So although my last awkward and awesome post was on a Saturday, at lass I'm going to dub mine Awkward weekend. This way it sums up the events of the week..
Here we go:
-Going to the groceries store and using 7 coupons to pay for my supper [ingredients]. The total came to $1.39 for a 5 person meal. People were staring saying "what is taking this girl so long?"... The stares, they were awkwrad.
-Oh wow. Also this: The top ten reasons why to read Snooki's book. Juiced-up guido to my door, really?
-Being on empty twice in a week on my way to school in the morning. When I am already late. Both times. Whennnnn will I learn?
-The fact that my best friend moved a good 3 provinces away. It should be under the category 'sucky' but awkward works too.
-Having the snow banks in the front yard taller than I. Yes, they are 6'0"+ in height. Really? How much snow do we need?
-Sundays.  They are the only day to 'relax' but all I can think about is how busy my week is going to be starting tomorrow. 6 days of pure fun. Not.
-COUPONS. You can't tell me you didn't see this coming. Come on it was only $1.39. And yes, I am in college so I don't want to have to spend any more money than I have to.
-The fact that I got some awesome wedge boots for $30. Originally $70.
-The fact that I just got an internship at a local law firm. Did I mention there are a bunch of female lawyers there. Double bonus. It will rock. Starting tomorrow.
-This counts for two awesome points because I'm super excited about this: My Wreck This Journal By Keri Smith is coming this Friday. I ordered it off of Amazon and I cannot wait. I will be documenting my attempts at wrecking the thing. Stay tuned!



  1. $1.39?! that's awesome couponing!! you go girl :)

  2. hahah love the daybook! cute cute! :] what a fun blog you have! :]

  3. woah, very impressive use of coupons! however if i was behind you in the checkout line I may not have been so impressed, haha :)

  4. Wedge boots for $30?! Awesome!!!!!!!!! :)