Saturday, January 8, 2011

awkward & awesome.

Alright, some awkward and awesome rants! Idea via le Sydney at

Here we go:

-Slipping on water at work, twisting my ankle, while holding a bowl of porridge. After NOT spilling it I gracefully looked around to see if anyone saw me. -Still not sure if I was sneaky enough but no one has laughed at me yet!
-Walking out of the bathroom stall at school and having a girl washing her hands smile at me? Like I mean I just opened the door and BOOM - ☺ GIANT smile.
-Having snow being blown up my pants. And in my shoes. And in my socks. It's just not nice and simply quite awkward.
-A customer’s voice at work. She was yelling and it was possibly the most annoying sound. Also I was filing 1654534 folders outside the office she was in.

-Working for 8 hours, then going home and knowing that I get to go plop on the couch, watch a movie and have pizza for supper. Can't wait [1.5 hours and counting]
-Going to my grandma & grandpa's house for lunch every Saturday that I work. It's great to see them, catch up on the week and eat some yummy grandma food.
-My grandpa giving me a pair of his HUGE socks because mine were soaking from the snow [see point 3].
-The beginning of the last semester here! I guess it's awesome, well the idea of it at least. I'm assuming come the first midterm week I will be thinking otherwise, but until then!



  1. Fun list! Good luck with your semester!

  2. hahaha. Love your list! Cute blog!


  3. haha love that your grandpa shared his socks :) cute lists :)