Saturday, January 15, 2011

creative door hangers.

My room is kind of overwhelming. It's a comfortable size, but I have so much things in it [vanity, bed, desk, cabinet and bookshelf] so space is limited. Since I have so many scarves and purses, the scarves are all [attempting] hanging on a rack beside my closet, and my bags end up going under my bed.
But I was at Winners the other day and found these cute little door hangers, with a big jewel [diamond] on it. They were 2 for $5. So when I got home I figured I would hang up two of my favorite little cross body bags; my Coach medium print bag and Mulberry for Target bag that my cousin so gracious sent me up from Bellingham, WA. 
I hung both on each door in my room. Then to add the 'outfit' type feel I stuck a couple of scarves around the hook as well. I am yet to find two decretive hangers so I can put a blouse or something on it to display an actual outfit so until then I am able to see my lovely bags in a cute way!


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