Saturday, January 29, 2011


So this week past was just a week that I had been dreading! Now that it's done I feel SUCH a sense of relief and so glad that it's the weekend. Now although I have had 3 days off from both school and work, I'm still excited to have another evening and day off tomorrow. So I went under on Wednesday to get the ol' wisdom teeth out. My appointment was at 7:20 am. Yay. I was thrilled getting up let me tell you. After it was honestly not that bad at all! I went to my grandma's ate a HUGE vanilla milkshake and enjoyed my time watching The Price is Right with g-ma & g-pa. It;s probably sad that I was excited to have those days off just to do nothing even if it meant I had to have teeth yanked out to enjoy some me time! 
Anyways, since my mom wasn't able to make it to my appointment [she was in 1.5hrs away for a different appointment] she stopped and got me a present to make me feel better! Now let me tell you after I heard that I was ALL over this wisdom tooth deal, milkshakes, no school and presents? I was wishing I had more teeth to go. Anyways she ended up stopping at one of my favorite stores! [can you guess?] PINK! She got me the matching sweat pants to my hoodie and a few shirts to lounge around in. I spent three days in that outfit and it served its purpose. [Also they were having a HUGE sale so the sweats were $45 down to $9.50! Crazy]


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