Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it was a colddddd day in Alberta!

It's true, it was so cold today. Still is actually. Now although its not nearly as cold as it has been in the past, I still believe that -30°C is blog worthy.
Now other than that I enjoyed getting up early enough to get ready for school, eat a quick breakfast and head off to school just in the nick of time. Two minutes away from my house -ding! On goes the empty light in my car. Not only was I going to be late but the closet gas station was 10+ mins out of my way.
Great. And even though I started my day in panic, I ran to class [and I mean ran, I was dodging people in the halfway left, right and centre] and made it literally seconds before the teacher.
So other than that little miss hap of a morning, I was out of school by 12:30, in some sweats and on the catching up on One Tree Hill Season 7, which I have enjoyed for the past few nights. Props to oth for seriously making 7 seasons [on the 8th] and changing that story line enough to keep all their viewers satisfied. Thoroughly impressed.

PS. Miley likes to wear her parka too on days like these, even though she only lasts a few minutes. She enjoys it while she can!

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  1. wow, how cute is your little dog!!! I love her coat :)