Thursday, November 12, 2015

H&M 2015 Advent Calendar Review

Above is the H&M Advent Calendar. It has 24 days with a different piece of jewelry or accessory for each. I got this at my local H&M in the jewelry section. At $39.99 the price seemed steep! Even if there are 24 items $40 seemed like a lot compared to other calendars. 

I was super curious since I love a lot of H&M jewelry. It is always on trend and decent quality for the price. 

This calendar was disappointing to say the least! It wasn't good quality at all! I would expect to find better at a local dollar store. In addition is was tacky. Including Christmas themed products as well as regular. Above is a candy cane key chain that came in one of the days. 

Here are three other examples of products. One is a tiny moon charm. This is not the only charm so actually a few days combined make one 'piece' of jewelry. The dangling earrings have a clear bead on the end. I would not wear 90% of the products that this set came with. 

All in all I would NOT recommend purchasing this! Save your money and buy one or two pieces that are on trend and much better quality. 



  1. Thank you for this review, I was considering buying it, but I think I'm better off with a chocolate advent than this.

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