Saturday, April 16, 2011

heated dome.

This is Miley's heated dome as we like to call it. Basically it's an adorable dome dog bed with my electronic heated pad that she has laid claims to. As shown here, also known as her magic blanket.
She just lays there fast asleep, when she gets too hot she flops one or more of her little body parts out of the dome and cools off on my bed. It's kind of like a puppy whisperer, I'm sure of it because when she is running laps around the basement full of energy, one paw into the dome and shes out like a light. 

Anyways I will allow her to lay there today on account of IT'S SNOWING OUT. Yes, that's right, snow. Yay. I had tanned my legs up in preparation for short/sun dress season and bam. Mother nature will hear nothing of it. Not to mention, I have to work 8 hours today, have a headache, think it's a migraine because I feel sick to my stomach. OH and I can't wait until tonight at 7:00 when I write my economics final, worth 40% of my final grade. 
Great. Day. 
Now I'm not normally one for complaining but today I just felt I would share my wonderful Saturday. Can't wait until tomorrow. And spring. Can't wait until spring too. 

Hope your Saturday is better than mine! 

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  1. Your puppy is SO cute! Mine has a heated bed as well. He sure loves it.