Monday, April 4, 2011

[four sleeps].

Today has been a good start to a busy week. Everything is wrapping up finally. I am five days [four sleeps] from being done classes. I know you all must think I'm super whiny but really it's just been the longest, not boring, not hard, but just agonizing semester. The weather sucks. Homework sucks. Work sucks [not my job, just working period]. 
Mentally I neeeeed a break. And that's whats going down on May.9th as me and the papa roll outta here on a little road trip [only to British Columbia], but still. It's hotels, eating out and relaxing by the pool that I can NOT wait for. OH! And also I can wear shorts, and sandels. Yes for those of you who have been wearing either for months-shudup. I am just depressed by the snow that is STILL on the ground. One of these days the sun will come out and when it does, you will get to see pictures. 
Alas, nice weather = inspiration = photography = more blog photos.. you see where I'm going with this.
Also above I have just some celebs that are rocking the spring looks. First of all Vanessa Hudgens chopped the hair. It looks like mine now! I used to look at her long locks and feel this little knot in my stomoach saying "whyyyy did you cut your hair?!" Now after seeing this it reasssures me that this look is fresh and adorable.
Emma & Rachel always look great, no explination needed.
Happy Monday! 


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