Thursday, March 31, 2011

awkward & awesome [mar. 31].

Hey there, it's thursday. Guess what? Awkward and Awesome, two weeks in a row. I'm organized. And I have enough semi-interesting points to share! Enjoy friends!

-Thinking, I’m going to “Like” this [facebook “like”] only to realize, wait, that's a text. Oh boy, I think I need to distance myself from social networking.
-Knowing that next week I am done classes and having this week draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag on. Come on.
-Wanting to dye my hair ombre [See Rachel Bilson..], the  fact that I have never dyed my hair I should have taken that risk before I cut it all off. If it looked bad it was going anyways. Now I wish I would have, maybe in three years when it’s the same length..
-The fact that I am obsessed with making cupcakes and I can never get the perfect frosting! You know the nice kind like on DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars. WHY?! I am not thaaaaaaat stupid and I follow all recipes to a tee. Please if you know of a recipe or anything, help a girl out!
-Also, I find this more depressing than awkward but still, Steve Carell will finish his role as Michael Scott sooooon, only to return for guest appearances, which is better than nothing! I am going to cry. For sure. It’s just a fact. I am heartbroken. I love that man and his witty comments. 

-My puppy’s new haircut, it’s adorable. Also she seems happier and more full of energy, like this new look has given her the confidence she needs.
-MY TV HAS RETURNED! It broke 2 month ago, I shipped it 3 weeks ago and now it is back. I am so excited. How bad that, first my facebook problem, now my tv addiction.
-Grey’s Anatomy. That is awesome. What’s better? The musical episode they are going to have tonight. Can. Not. Wait.
-The most awesome point of them all. My new glasses! [Seen above] My yearning for them was discussed here, and I think they are slightly different from Lucy Hale’s, but still they are fantastic! 


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