Saturday, March 19, 2011

reading list.

So remember back in the day when you would go camping, on a long trip in the car or simply to your grandparents house, the amount of gadgets and toys to keep you occupied? I always had in hand a good ol' Nancy Drew book. I always loved the mystery books! They seem to be timeless, and although I have seen some of the brand new ones, I am still drawn to the classic, yellow spine and all. 
At college, this semester my midterm week has lasted 4 weeks instead! I seem to have 1-2 midterms a week and by the time I've finished I'm back to the first class writing a second exam! It's brutal. I would much rather be stressed for one week cramming in all the exams then ruining a whole month+ with studying, stressing, and studying stress because that's one of my psychology chapters! 
So back to Nancy Drew, I realized both through a little stress and a HUGE yearning for summer that my summer reading list will be just that. A relaxing stress free list of books that I have enjoyed, can read easily and will fill my mind with dreams of solving mysteries. So yes, the classic Nancy Drew books are on my summer reading list. Along with a few others, including Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One. The movie version is due out sometime this year and I love reading his books before hand. 
So listen up finance, hurry your little buns up. Wrap up. I don't care about calculating bond prices, or looking at the present value of a stock. Lets just agree to disagree. 3 weeks - that's all.


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