Thursday, March 24, 2011

awkward & awesome [mar.24].

-Eating supper that was once prepared – put in fridge – frozen – eaten as leftovers – put in fridge – then put in my lunch? Is this still even ok to eat? … Too late, just finished.
-Feeling like your second home is your place of work… and being ok with that?
-Having my adorable little dog BARF 3 times on my carpet in my room this morning. Yum.
-Brushing my teeth and after I put toothpaste on my toothbrush as I was pulling the brush towards my teeth I managed to flick [spray? I don’t know the word] toothpaste IN MY EYE. It burnt so bad. SO BAD.
-That was after I got shampoo in my eye earlier. 

-Reading my second Classic Nancy Drew book since Sunday. After supper on Sunday too. I read really fast when it does not have to be done [YA I’m taking to you PSYC textbook, I will NOT brush that dust off you.]
-The fact that the auto-correct in my new phone was built in with swear words. Maybe I’m just weird but I thought that they weren’t so when I went to type shabby. Guess what popped up instead?
-HEYO less than 4 weeks of school left. THAT'S WHATS UP!
-My work. It just truly is AWESOME; sometimes for reasons that would make you cringe a little. Ok they fart on speaker phone; some people may think its gross, I think its hillllllarious!
-Speaking of work, something else that is great is the A&W onion rings that I just received from a kind coworker. Mmmmm, they are sooooo good and you know it.
-Oh ya and my new phone. It’s pretty awesome. I love the droid just because of the little green character.
-This picture I just found of my dog when she was little, aka a year ago, CA-UTE!



  1. Yeah... I did the same thing with leftovers as you today. I tell myself it MUST be fine, it was frozen!

    Cute pup :)


  2. I am with ya on the dog barf thing. I have three pups, and it is amazing how something so adorable can also be so gross:)

  3. Hey,

    Your dog is so cute! I'd love a little pup too. Just discovered this Awkward & Awesome feature - think I might take part in this next week on my blog too!