Monday, March 14, 2011

spring fever.

SPRING! I think has finally came, well today at least. I know come tomorrow it could be back to snow drifts and icicles. But right now my window is open. YUP OPEN! Can you believe it? It is just such a great feeling when I know that spring is in the air! Also that means that all of my lovely friends will be coming home from Uni and joining me for a great summer filled with bonfires, beach trips and sandals. I miss sandals. 
I had such a great summer last year [above, in Canmore with my bestie Katherine] we went and hung out with mountain sheep and then went kayaking. It was pretty sweet. Can't wait for this year!

PS. It's +1°C.. Does that make this post a little more pathetic.. wait no.. optimistic!

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