Monday, March 28, 2011

pink lemonade.

So after watching a fair share of cupcake inspired TV on Friday night [DC Cupcakes & Cupcake Wars] I felt inspired by a recipe I saw on Cupcake Wars.. The baker presented a pink lemonade cupcake with marshmallow buttercream and topped with cotton candy. I knew I had to try this! Even though it sounded weird, I loved all the flavors and so after looking up pink lemonade cupcake recipes I settled on this one.
After work on Saturday I stopped and picked up the needed ingredients and headed home to my baking assistant who was waiting in her bed that I moved into the kitchen [she is more there for moral support don't worry].. The main difference was just the added pink lemonade juice concentrate that gave the cupcakes a subtle hint of pink lemonade.
After baking them I made the marshmallow buttercream using this recipe. It was good and worked well with the cupcake choice since the icing was very sweet to balance out the slightly sour taste of the lemonade. Next time I would definitely use more marshmallow but that is just out of personal preference.

The final product?

They were a hit! A little too summery given the fact that it is STILL snowing, but still.. It helped lighten the mood in preparation for spring.
[PS, my baking assistant fell asleep as soon as the cupcakes went into the oven, shown above]


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