Tuesday, April 26, 2011

busy week.

I took the picture of my brother. Cupcake in front of face on purpose. I'm so nice.

This week has been super busy! Now I know I say this most every week. But this week is the start of another busy portion of my year.
Easter Sunday was also my brother’s 18th birthday [I’m in Alberta remember, that’s a BIG deal!], this week my mom and sister are off to Quebec, when they get home my dad is off to Vancouver, and once he is home, my mom and I will go to Edmonton where I will be having back surgery, while at the same time my dad and one brother are in BC again for volleyball provincials. Busy. I told you.
Anyways, I decided I would make a batch of cupcakes; half for my brother and half for Easter. The Easter ones I decided would be a fruit cupcake with berries inside topped with vanilla buttercream, colored coconut, chocolate mini eggs and sour licorice for the basket handle. The birthday ones were just a coconut cupcake [brother’s favorite] with a coconut buttercream. Both were a hit amongst the fam!


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  1. Wow! Those cupcakes look amazing! Great job! MMmmmmm I'm in a cupcake mood