Tuesday, April 12, 2011

that's whats up.

Can't wait until summer. Magazines & Ice Tea on the deck. Oh my goodness. Can't wait.

HEYO! I am current chowing down on some delish spaghetti and I mean chowing. I am at work and it is probably all over my face. I wouldn't be surprised..I eat like I'm 5.. No big deal.
So I am extremely happy for the end of my school week [last friday] I am finally becoming adjusted to this whole no classes, sleep in, try to be productive days. I feel like I should give myself a week to not have to do much of anything but still my overactive mind is saying 'there is no time for this missy'.. So today I was convinced by my mother that I should do my taxes. File my own taxes. Ugh. So I did, and they weren't that bad actually so I take back the ugh I suppose it's more the thought than actually doing them. 
Also it's +3 out right now, that's whats up. I almost don't need a jacket. 
..who am I kidding, SPRRRRRRRING WHERE ARE YOU!? I even cracked out the self tanner yesterday in preparation. That way I won't look too pasty compared to all those rich people who were jetting off to warmer lands. Self tanner, that's whats up.
And once it arrives I assure you my little camera and I will be out and about having the most wonderful time. Taking pictures and all. You will see them. Don't ya worry. That is probably the thing I look forward the MOST!

 Have a lovely [mid] week, I will [hopefully] be studying my little buns off until next Wednesday; at which all my exams will be finished - that's whats up.
Until then.

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  1. We did our taxes today too! So glad they're out of the way now. So excited for the warmer weather it's been quite nice here the last few day, except for the rai. Today :( oh and we're off to Iceland on Friday where it's even colder! Must be nuts! Good luck with your exams!