Saturday, February 12, 2011

urban Love.

So here lies my latest obsession. I love online shopping [mainly clothes], also just looking since I am without a credit card [never had one]. I have always loved looking for clothes, on sale of course and just to see whats out there, get an idea for up and coming seasons trends. Since I will be moving in September of this year I am now obsessed with looking at home decor. My favorite website [and store] has to be Urban Outfitters. They have such cute and fun pieces! Above I have the bedding that I am just dying for! They all have ruffles and are simple yet so cute!

Here are just some random things, that I think would be so cute and fun for a 20-something girl! First of all, how adorable are those pillows! They make up a full mustache and how cute! The next is the wallpaper, it is of different styles of frames, and the best part? YOU get to color them and draw whatever you want on them. The next is the multi-color chandelier which is just so fun. That's all. It's just fun! The forth thing is a floor mat, I'm not sure if you can read it or not but it says 'Please Don't Leave' which I think is just funny. Next is the matching ruffle shower curtain to the bedding above. It's so pretty. And last but not least is... THE BURGER PHONE. It's a classic. A burger phone, come on how can you not want one of these!
So there you have it, my latest loveeeeeeees. I hope one day to own all of the above in my cute little apartment while I go to law school [cross your fingers].

PS. IT'S THE WEEKEND. YAY. [Next week. Spring Break.]

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