Saturday, February 5, 2011

done and done.

Ah and so my week has wrapped up! A bussssssy week at that. With four midterms. Catching up in all my classes from my missed [wisdom teeth] classes. Plus the work x2. So to top it all off last night my dad, brother and I went to the mall an hour away. We shopped and ate junk food. It was super fun and a great end to a long tedious week! I got a few things like a Coach t-shirt, a ring from Forever 21 and some Skull Candy headphones for $20! [Reg $50]
 Aside from that I finally got around to a few pictures showing the latest of my wardrobe choices. 
I hope you like it!


Sweater: American Eagle, Plaid Shirt: Gap, Scarf: Ardene's, Skirt: Stitches, Tights: Joe, Boots: Spring

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