Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i [heart] deals!

I love deals! I can't say that enough. So that's why when I spotted this bag around a month ago I had to resist. It was at full price [$99.99] so technically still a deal. Buttttttttttttt as a college student I just couldn't spend that much. So yesterday I was out and about after class looking around Winners I found this bag still hanging there. It was screaming 'Brooklyn, BROOOOKLYN, Take me hooooome with yooooou!' I had to say no again! It was just not in my budget this month. So after going home empty handed I headed off to work and was kicking myself the whole night. So when I got home I asked my dad if he wanted to run the Winners quickly before they closed. So we ran there and my bag [backpack] was still there saying 'Thank you! You will NOT regret this!' And I haven't. It is so cute, Perfect for school [versus lugging around my poor purse filled with calculators, water bottles, notebooks and pens, on top of the regular items. 
Happy Wednesday! Weeks HALF OVER! 


PS. Just making sure you saw the original price.. $225.00!

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