Monday, February 14, 2011

to the singles.

I made this. Well grandma made it and I decorated it. Yay!

To all the singles out there: 
So yes, this is for you. Because after receiving around 10 text messages today saying 'Happppppppy Valentine's Day!' I could have barfed. I almost did actually. 
The best part, allllll of them were from my friends in [you guessed it!] a relationship. Like really, don't waste your time texting me to tell me that while you're enjoying your barfy day of lovely dovey activities I will enjoy mine eating leftover strawberry shortbread cake ALONE. YUP ALONE. 
So this is my list of why being single on Valentine's Day is the way to go!
1) You save a butt load. Plain and simple, cards these days are running at $6 bucks. We all know that $6 is enough money for that cute cocktail ring you saw last week at Forever 21. [Ps. He will throw that card out next week, when he does, I'll pay you a visit in my awesome new turquoise ring that will last FOREVER.] 
Also that's not including a present or dinner, or that amazing outfit you neeeeed him to see you in. I'm over here rolling in the $$$.
2) You do not have that pressure to make sure that V-Day is the most romantic special day, come on. If I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I won't. Because I have NO obligation.
3) Everything is pink and red. I don't like those colors together, never have, never will. Clash much?
4) You go out for supper just to look at all the super mushy couples- you lose your appetite. Waste of a super expensive meal. Meanwhile I will be eating burrito's with g-ma and g-pa. While watching tv. Ya, Cake Boss is what's up. Suck it.
5) That fuzzy bear wearing a sweater that says 'HUG ME'. NO. I will not hug you. Cute when I was 5. Now, not so much. Plus I will have saved the guy embarrassment of having to go into Wal-Mart and buy it. No one wants to be that guy. 

Sorry if you are in a relationship, you understand I'm sure. Also awesome fact of the day: My work gave me a strawberry shortcake cake today. Whether they felt bad for me, or just gave them out to everyone I will never know. I bolted before I was asked 'What are your plans today?'. 


Enjoy your night all you mushy folks!

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  1. Hah! I really enjoyed your list of why being single is great on V-day. Awesome!