Monday, December 20, 2010


So this weekend past was a blur! I was in 'The Nutcracker' ballet! So I was at rehearsal Friday night, Saturday morning [bright and early I may add], then opening night was Saturday night! We then had 3 shows, evening Saturday, matinee and evening Sunday. So basically I lived at the theatre this weekend and LOVED it. I was raised on stage so there is just something to be said about returning to a performance, especially something as extravagant as The Nutcracker [or as my mom calls it 'cracker of the nuts' - yes she's pretty funny]. So for show night, since I was the role of Clara's mom, I got all dolled up! [Shown above]


So since everyone liked my other post on my braids, I decided to put a few pictures in here of my hair for the show. It was a little fancier than what I would normally do, but if I wore a simple dress I would probably do something of this sort out to a Christmas party or what not.
I braided the one side, then pinned some of my curls from the right side [my right.. I had to think about that] and let the rest all fall to one side.
Easy Cheesy!
Also that was my be-a-utiful dress! And here is my cute story for the day: I was waiting for my mom during intermission so she could take a few pictures [seen above]. While I was there [in the backstage ish area] two little girls and their parents walked up, then their dad said "the girls spotted you from the main waiting area, they have never seen a real princess before!" It was SO cute! They honestly thought I was a princess. So I went along with it. They were so happy. So I figure, I might apply to Disneyland, dress up as Belle or something. Dream job.


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