Thursday, December 9, 2010

study. study. study.

Alas, classes are finally DONE!
However my work is far from done. Exams. Yay! Super fun. Only three exams this year, better than five last. First one? Accounting [textbook shown - yuck], it is by far the worst class I have this term. It's just not fun. You do nothing and I cannot find it in myself to even somewhat like it.

Anyways, I have put studying aside to enjoy the one hour episode of 'The Office' tonight! YAY! Now I'm super happy. What's better than that? It's the Christmas special. Also my dad just sat down to enjoy it with me, a year ago he said he hated this show and now I have him loving it. Mission: Complete.

1 comment:

  1. You only have 3 finals! I have 6 (yuckkkkkk)! At least I'm halfway through (yayyyyy)! Hehe. And a little tv is good! Don't we all deserve it? :)