Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa.. PINK Please!

Yesterday I went to the mall with my dad, grandma, brother and sister. We decided to hit up the new mall just outside of Calgary, called Cross Iron Mills. It's a outlet mall so it was bound to have a lot of good deals!
Since I finished my Christmas shopping two weeks [or so] ago I went along mainly to help my grandma pick out presents for my family. It's great, we get to hang out and she gets my eye for cheap deals, as well she doesn't have to worry about if the fam will like it or not [because I have a gift for finding amazing presents].
A new store that was recently added was 'PINK' by Victoria Secret. So of course I go in - instantly my sister and I are in dorm wear Heaven. I could honestly own every single item in that store. I love it!
So I decided to put together a few of my favorites that I found [and maybe purchased].
Actually I only bought the slippers because it's too close to Christmas. They are almost knee-high and actually stay up, unlike so many other ones I've seen before so I caved [given it was the only thing I bought for myself].
LOVE LOVE. Now I'm just hoping Santa happens to find this post and perhaps pick me out a few items :)
PS. We managed to buy something for everyone on my grandmas list! It was a very successful trip!

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