Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas reading!

So a few days ago I finished the first book of the break! Yay, finally an easy read compared to stupid school textbooks which are NOT fun [for the most part]. So when I heard that Hilary Duff was coming out with a book immediately I thought of Lauren Conrad and her painful serious L.A.Candy which I could never finish. Now I like an easy, fun, partying/gossiping filled book just as much as the next girl but after a chapter or so into Conrad's book I just had to stop. Not only was it identical to The Hills, it just wasn't entertaining.
So back to this book; I went and thought I would give it a try and wow! I couldn't believe Hil Duff wrote this. It's called Elixir [shown above] and is a cross between Gossip Girl & LOST. Weird combo- I know, and I have never been one to read sci-fi books but this had just enough of every element. So I definitely give her props on a creative and intellectual version of the classic girly books that are out there!


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