Sunday, December 12, 2010

nancy drew - how could I forget!?

So here is that last half of my list of likes!  Also after sitting here for a little I realized I forgot two super important things!

Grecian accessories/dresses/hairstyles – I have always loved flowy tops, mixed with curly up dos and braids. LOTS of braids. Its just fun and girly but still subtle.
My 136543174354 scarves – Ok so maybe i don’t have that many, but i have quite a few. They are just so easy! They can add so much to an outfit!
My job – It is GREAT! I am a receptionist for a car dealership. It may sound that for a 20 year old girl this would be out of character and honestly i don’t know a thing about cars. But the employees here and my boss are just wonderful! It makes coming to work super fun. [Also they let me do my homework once I’m done all my work work, so super huge thanks there!]
Wal-mart – inexpensive. That is the biggest thing, as a college student, its cheap! And seriously for all you doubters who say you would next shop in a wal-mart, seriously they are great. Groceries, books, make-up, shampoo, fabric, pillows, movies, cameras. They have EVERYTHING.
The CW –aka Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, etc – i love all the shows for mainly two reasons a) Fashion, [Mainly Gossip Girl and 90210. In that order] b) the story line. They are fun ok! Especially when you’re a full time college student working 5 days a week. Sometimes you can’t always live out the Serena Van Der Woodsen activities you would like to.
England [never been but I still love it] – yup, never been. It’s obviously not the first choice on the vacation list of places to go, but I love the fashion and the culture. It just seems so posh and well put together. I'm hoping to transfer there in my 4th year of uni, So I guess we’ll see!
Steve Carell [Every movie he has made] – So funny. No, not funny, HILARIOUS! After watching him in the office I just fell in love with him, he is so funny and is such a great actor. My personal favourites [if you should happen to need a movie filled with stupid humour..]Dinner for Schumucks, Get Smart and Date Night.
The Office [with Steve Carell and Rain Wilson, LOVE LOVE LOVE] – Ah yes! The office. Like I mentioned above,it has Steve Carell, super hilarious. Seeing as I work in an office it seems even funnier when I see some of the things that go on. Again just pointless, yet amusing humour.
Waffles and crêpes [mmm crêpes] – with whip cream and strawberries. Come on, you know you like them too. You have to! No matter what’s on them they are just so tasty! My nana [grandma] used to make crêpes for breakfast when I was little and I remember sitting down and eating as many as I could it was like dessert for breakfast!
Mario Party – I don’t really like video games. I'm a girl, it’s to be expected but I was raised on Mario Party! Back in the days of N64, [I was always Princess Peach] I would gather up the siblings and play some good old Mario Party, since I was the oldest I would always win. Even now, it’s just a great game!
Fashion – I don’t think I can even describe this in a few words, nor a few posts. I'm sure you’ll see, I just love fashion.
Cosmo UK – Way better than US Cosmo. I seem to find they have more photo shoots and matching articles on what the main trends are and how to achieve them. Also since European fashion is ahead of ours I love to see things that are trendier in my eyes or things that I like to wear, vs US/Canada, if that makes any sense!
Also my pretty little obsession: Pretty Little Liars – AHH yes, after watching the previews back before it came out I really didn't want to like this show. I didn't! But loving mysteries and fashion, this show combined Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives [in my eyes] and created something that I surprisingly cannot get enough of [thank Heaven it’s coming back in January!]
Ok so first forgotten item: Dance - It's always been a part of my life so I guess I was just so used to it to I forgot to even mention it. I've danced since I was 2! I took tap till I was 18 but because of college and work I had to quit a year ago, however that hasn't stopped me from dancing. I ended up taking modern dance as a class that counts towards my business [pre-law] degree! Who knew? As well I'm in the Nutcracker ballet at my college this year, being put on by the conservatory of ballet.

Second super SUPER important item [which may or may not make me seem like a dork] - Nancy Drew. Oh my goodness, Nancy Drew, she was just the greatest growing up between her books and her interactive games for the computer I just couldn't get enough. Teenage detective [my dream!].


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