Monday, December 13, 2010


So I figured that with the holiday season here, Christmas parties to attend, I had to spice up the hair. Now I love braids and I wear them all the time but I figured that adding two on the one side [one on the other though I didn't post a picture] it adds a cute wispy feel. It was super simple to do: First I divided my hair into the sections for the three braids, tying the rest of my hair back. Braided the three braids. Took the rest of my hair [not including braids] and pulled it into a low[ish] messy bun. Then I wrapped the braids each around the bun and secured them with bobby pins and TA DA! A cute hairdo!



  1. love the hair :)
    i cant do it at the moment bc i cut my hair too short to braid them up :(
    anyways love your post

    check out my holiday gift guide pt. 1 and tell me what you think

  2. wo wo wo! this is too cute! i must try it.
    p.s. you're gorgeous!!!

  3. sooo pretty! love. i tried me some braids the other day...they turned out about one-billionth as cute as these. oh. wait. that's because i DON'T KNOW HOW TO BRAID CUTE.
    check it out if you must. and you know you must:
    :) brittney

  4. LOVE this hair-do!!! May steal it for a Christmas party =)