Thursday, December 16, 2010


I do, I love this store. If I had to get rid of my wardrobe now and had to replace it all from one store this would be it! I love there variety from military inspired to Grecian dress to boyfriend cardigans. They have it all. Also one of my favourite style icons Olivia Palermo said that Topshop was one of her favourite shopping destinations too! [Above was me, super excited, like normal, at the topshop in SoHo when I was in NYC]
So today when my invitation arrived to a formal Christmas party I was overjoyed and of course the first thing I thought of is 'What to wear?!'.. So after snooping online I found my inspiration at Below are the 6 dresses that I think would work perfectly!

Even though they are all beautiful the bottom centre one is my favourite. After all that I went digging through my closet to see what I could find. Sure enough I pulled out a dress from H&M very similar to the one I loved in a nude color, I was saving it for my brothers graduation but I figured if the occasion fits, I might as well wear it! [Paired with some black tights of course!]


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  1. love the 1st and 5th dresses
    beautiful picks

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