Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so apparently i'm a nerd

So the other day I told you a bit of what I like but I suppose I failed to mention why I like those things or maybe elaborate a bit more. Here is the first half of my list..
Taylor swift - First of all, I love country music. Although it’s not my favourite style of music I do love it, and plus living in Alberta it’s hard to not.. [ie Calgary Stampede]
Reading - Not for school, there is nothing than I hate more than boring myself into reading Accounting or Psychology 24/7.. I like the material I do [except for accounting] but trying to read from a textbook just isn’t the same. So when I'm not in school [or not super busy during the semester] I try to have a book on the go! The last one I read was Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher which was really good, kind of sad but a real eye opening book.
Pretty frost, with sparkling snow – again, Alberta. It snows a lot and you never know when, so I try to look at it as a good thing, it’s pretty right?
My puppy – Chihuahua cross Yorkie. 3 Pounds. Super cute. Also [as you can see above] my sister bought her a Reindeer costume. Now you think she's adorable, don't you?
Necklaces – Mainly long, sometime statement pieces, I love them all. They add such an easy fix to any drab outfit.
Plaid – I also love plaid. It’s great to dress up with a blazer and heals or down with some boyfriend jeans and flats. It’s just fun [fav color right now – red and green! How did you guess!]
Christmas  - LOVE. Snow, time with family, lots of good food, good laughs, and did I mention NO SCHOOL!
Toaster strudels – delicious [mixed berry my fav]. With icing for breakfast – hard to beat.
Stationary – it’s just fun. It’s been not so much a hobby but an obsession, I love to be organized so that’s where the fun pencils, binders and paper originated from.
Grey’s Anatomy – AHH! All I can say, this is my all time favourite show! My mom is a nurse so I’ve always heard stories about the ER and been behind the scenes so I just love the show.
Iced Tea – I can’t stand carbonation in pop. It just tickles my throat and ruins a drink [I feel] so I’ve always enjoyed iced tea [sweetened] as an alternative.
New York, [I Love You] – I recently went to New York [back in June] with two of my friends and fell in love!

Also, fun fact: At work we have satellite radio. So instead of the guys listening to the ‘80’s on 8’ I decided to go and change it the ‘The Holly 23’ – A Christmas station. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be. So here comes the fun fact, i was literally just sitting here when I decided to really listen to the song playing vs background music.. What was it you ask? A dog barking the tune of Jingle Bells. WHAT?! I know, I’m surprised and a little confused but either way, Christmas is coming!

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