Friday, December 3, 2010

an awkward start?

So where to begin..
The awkward first post.. You know the post where someone goes to your blog and says oh, that’s all. That’s the first one? Well we all have to start somewhere, so yes, although it’s awkward this is the first post.
Now I feel it’s important to get to know each other a little (and by that I mean I suppose I should tell you about myself).
Why a blog? I always thought they were kind of weird, in an ‘I feel sorry for myself and I want the world to know about it’ Nexopia kind of way. That's because back in 2005 or whenever it was becoming popular I thought that was what a blog involved. As I’ve grown, some would say matured (and by some I mean few) I have found that a blog is kind of a comfort. A place to go to and check up on how other people in other places in the world cope and handle the same day to day issues we all face; who to date, trouble with school/work and above all what to wear!  So the best way I feel I can explain this is by a comparison, as musicians, such as Taylor Swift, write lyrics to express how they feel, I think a blog is a way to do that as well. It gets my voice out there in a less ear drum violating way (so I can’t sing..) and I'm hoping will make me feel just a little better about going through some 20-something issues with a little more peace of mind. Who knows, I may help someone along the way.. so here's a start.. as I continue through College, University and into the real world I hope that my experience or lack thereof will help some people out there enjoy their lives or even their day a little more.
So that's all for now, a little more than you had before.. Just as I get more and more used to this whole idea I will keep you updated with a better understand of who I am, what I believe and how I get to where I'm going.. or at least the journey that will get me there.

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