Thursday, June 16, 2011

BDIB: neon + neutral.

Sweater, Shirt - PINK, Skirt, Shoes - Forever 21

Hi guys! Oh it's been so long, as it has been with everything else in my life, friends, work, the public in general! My back is doing ok! Pain is down, but nevertheless still very much there. It looks great! And perhaps from the pic you can see I'm rocking 6'1" + my 4" heals. 6'5", what's up?
Anyhow I have been in sweats all day but I wanted so badly to participate in the bloggers do it better, neon and neutral combo. So I whipped up an outfit through it on and covered my no make-up face with my glasses and some lipstick!


Bloggers Do It Better

1 comment:

  1. Looking great! Love the outfit :)
    And you've got such long legs! Gorgeous!