Thursday, May 17, 2012

diy: bubblegum lip scrub.

I love diy's. I have always loved crafts. Now as a 'grown up' if I can find ways to make things myself and save money it's a win-win! I heard that LUSH had an amazing bubblegum lip scrub. And although I would like to call that a beauty essential I just couldn't justify it. So I created this recipe to subside my longing for bubblegum anything and a great lip exfoliate. 

I used Olive oil, sugar, food coloring and LorAnn bubblegum extract. 
My recipe is kind of like Rachel Ray's. I put in around 1/8 cup of sugar and then I added a slight amount of olive oil. I mixed it up really well. If it is too 'wet' then add more sugar. You want the sugar to stick together but not be saturated. I then added 1 single drop of pink food coloring. I would only use pink just because if it stains your lips it would be pink and not some nasty green color! I then added a little less then a cap full of LorAnn bubblegum extract. I ordered mine off of eBay since I couldn't find it here in Canada. I worked great!
I then filled my little jars, that I also ordered off of eBay. 

Ta Da! And done! They are so cute, smell GREAT! And really work! 
I just finished 3 uni finals yesterday and have a bit of a break before summer classes (x2). So I am hoping that this 'free' time will allow me some time to update the long awaited diy that I have planned! Jetting to Phoenix in the next couple of days so I hope as well that I find some great deals to share!


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