Saturday, August 18, 2012

latest reads.

So in the summer months as my text books are packed up I generally turn to teen fiction as my summer reading list. Although at 21 sometimes I am a wee bit embarrassed with my book choices, all I can say is when I am not studying and reading cases, I want a little mindless easy reading. Here are my latest reads.
*Also I just wanted to note for some reason that all these books are trilogies [to my knowledge] and [pretty much] dystopian novels.


I read delirium a few months ago but three weeks ago I finished the second book in the trilogy Pandemonium. I really liked the second book. It was possibly my favorite book out of the last four here. It moved from past to present. Each having a great story line; exciting and suspenseful.
Delirium: ★★★★
Pandemonium: ★★★★★


For these books I like the first and second book equally, there is a little more suspense in the second book. Either way they were both great reads! The story can be a little violent and sad but nothing too crazy in that department.
Divergent: ★★★★½
Insurgent: ★★★★½ 


Matched: ★★★★
This book I heard was really good and when I read it I did like it but not as much as some of the other series. I do believe that once I read the second book the first will be better just because it leads up to a lot of stuff and in this series there are cliff hangers, in books which I find frustrating when the next copy isn’t due out for another year [although the second book is already out the third is to be released later this year]. 

The Selection

The Selection: ★★★★
This book was good! It didn’t have a lot of crazy turns and suspense but it was an easy light read. I look forward to the next book, as the first book was a huge cliff hanger ending.

Happy Reading! 

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