Friday, May 30, 2014

the small things.

awesome. There are a few things that I want to share:
as of recently I have lost two immediate family members. It has been a long and difficult journey but I just remember that in amongst the lowest of lows, there are still things that are just awesome. Neil Pasricha, who wrote The Book of Awesome, was my inspiration when it came to this post. I want to share some things, no matter how small, that make me happy and grateful.

Here are the first 10 I wrote:

1. when you don’t have a headache anymore. You appreciate feeling normal compared to a dreaded, consuming headache.

2. when you chip your nail polish and then pick all of the rest off. You know the stubborn half a nail that will not budge, which makes a clean nail so much more satisfactory.

3. when you finish a really good book. There is such a satisfaction when you finish a book that leaves you extremely happy.

4. when you start a really good book. When you get to the second or third chapter and already know you have fallen in love.

5. not wanting a really good book to end. There is a bittersweet joy when you love a book enough to never want it to end. Or you are jealous of those who haven’t read it, as they can read it for the first time.

6. rainy days.  So fresh and melancholy. Once in a while you need a rainy day so you can hang out at home, bake, clean and watch movies in bed.

7. rainy days on a Sunday. When you actually get to take full advantage of a rainy day, when it’s on a Sunday. You don’t have any Saturday errands and you can actually take advantage of the rainy day taking place on Sunday.

8. finishing a beauty product. Beauty products generally take so long to use. Unless it’s your Holy Grail product, there is definitely satisfaction in finally finishing a tube of lip gloss or hitting pan on a blush or powder.

9. having a smoothie blend completely on the first time. When you add the perfect amount of liquid and solids.

10. surprise discount at the checkout. When something is on sale and when the teller rings it up it is even cheaper!

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